Deal of The Month #6 - From rundown shack to new home tract!

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How I paid one man’s foreclosure bill and built a house on a hill

Did you catch my attempts at clever rhymes in those two headlines? Okay, no one’s ever going to accuse me of being a great poet, but I do know how to spot a great opportunity. This month I’m going to tell you about one of those great opportunities, that was also one of my most unusual projects. A couple years ago I was visiting my home town. I drove by a run down old shack on the side of a hill. It looked abandoned, so I stopped and took a look around. Suddenly, I had an idea. “If I could get this property, I’d do something that would turn this eyesore of a site into a lot that was beautiful and bright. (uh…! There I go with that rhyming again). Watch the video and learn how I took a $30,000 investment and created something could return 1000% increase on my money. By the way, in the video I keep saying “I’m going to make $50,000” which is NOT correct as I’m sure you’ll notice. My profit is much higher. Maybe math isn’t my strong suite either eh…

Nice Video Dean

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And once again I learned something new, but unless I missed it how long did it take you to rehab?

Thank you, Dean.

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I appreciated you walking through the house. You are so down-to-earth. I love that, even as a multi-millionaire, you can relate so well to us and point out the HUGE and small things that will contribute to our success. Great video!

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Why not just sell the lot between 120 and 150 after only investing 40ish? I realize it wasn't the most attractive lot, but if you're only netting 50, couldn't you have gotten the same 50 a lot sooner by just selling the lot?

Wonderful Video Dean

The walk through the property was quite informative. The use of color gave a warm and inviting atmosphere. The explanation of mishaps, understandable. All in all a wonderful presentation. we need more of these. Thanks and God Bless.


Love This Video

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I love the way you take the time to personally talk to us, advise us and walk us through your deals. Your sharing the nuts and bolts from A-Z is what has enabled me to take your book knowledge and follow up with ACTION! You are a true teacher to all us 'little guys' and your honest intent for everyone to be as successful as you is very rare in todays world - so THANK YOU!

new contruction

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the old house was torn down by a local demolition company , and the new house took approx 4months to build

hillside lot

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being that the lot was a steep hillside most people did not have the vision , to picture a new home there , the skeptics said you can't build that house there , but we did and it's a beautiful home !!! , the lot was for sale for a short while , but dean had quickly decided it would be easier to sell with a nice little house on it


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Thank you for adding those notes. Makes it feel that much more real, with someone who was involved in the project giving more perspective.

Thanks again,


really real

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everyone needs to understand one thing, it s all real , not only does dean create everything you see here , he is the creative mind behind everything you read in print and everything you see on tv , the reason deans info works is because he owns realestate all over the country , in many diverse markets ,dean has his finger on the pulse of whats going on , in my market in upstate ny realestate is tough right now and he knows that because we own alot of properties , some we are trying to sell some we are developing , some we are renting for the long term and some we are renting just till we see things turn around so we can sell for a profit , other parts of the country other techniques are working , i'm always amazed that there is a part of the country where you can still buy a house for 30k and flip it for 60k , but it is happening everyday ,so remember its all real and dean is an ordinary guy with some extrodinary vision when it comes to realestate and business in general

S W E E T !

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That House Went From ZERO to HERO!, Absolutley gorgeous interior and exterior, no wonder your a freggin' MILLIONAIRE!? SULLY

Great Video and Great Home!

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Thanks for taking the time to walk through this deal of the month. I enjoyed watching it more the second time around. Thanks for explaining all the details. The home looks great! Good luck on your future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling

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