CLASS IN SESSION: Essential Wholesaling Tools

CLASS IN SESSION: Essential Wholesaling Tools

I just thought i would start this post for all you "newbies" out there that are looking to get started in WHOLESALING properties, this will BRIEFLY explain what "TOOLS" are needed when you have the formula, marketing, and contracts down pat. This will help when your looking to actually going out into the field.

1) DIGITAL CAMERA: You are going to NEED a camera to take pictures of vacant distressed properties as you drive through neighborhoods. You will also need to take pictures as you meet sellers to look at properties, other investors will want to see what your trying to Assign.

2) SMALL, DRY ERASABLE BOARD: When you see a house you like, you'll want to write the address down on the board. Then, raise it up and take a picture of the house, so you have the address and property on 1 photo. That way you dont need to keep a notebook.

3) FLASHLIGHT: This is a DEFINITE MUST, cause many vacant or other properties dont have electricity or are boarded up.

4) CELL PHONE/FAX LINE: Fax hook-up is important because you'll be faxing contracts to the title companys and sellers who are out of town. Cell phone is another MUST, you can figure that one out on your own.

5) BUSINESS CARDS: Absolute, Absolute, MUST. Make sure your business cards are NOT boring and look interesting, you want to be remembered by the seller.

6) These are just a few that have come to mind, hope this helps, CLASS DISMISSED, SULLY



Good info like always

Good info like always Sully!!! Always look forward to your classes!!! lol

Dry eraseable board!

I love that idea. I always have trouble putting an addreess with my pics. I also carry a digital measuring device. It is great for quick measurements of rooms for flooring estimates.




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I love it!

I love the erase board. I have gotten some properties confused as to which pics go to what property. You are so resourceful Sully! I need you to move to New Jersey Eye-wink


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Thanks Guys!

I'm glad even some of the veterans got something out of my post, Again just glad i could HELP! Sticking out tongue



Hey Sully!!

(7) Don't forget the mace for any vagrants living in there too!!

Ha, good one!

Ha, good one Michael!
8. Don't forget bug spray in case there's other critters livin in there too... LOL! Eye-wink


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Hey Sully, don't get me wrong.
I appreciate all of the data you share.

Don't forget

Everything on the list is excellent to have but I know when I check out an abandoned property, I like to carry either a pair of coveralls or a paper paint suit. That way the fleas and moldy dirt and nasty stuff like that doesn't get in your shoes or on your clothes. Just thought I'd mention that. I love having them on me. That whiteboard is a great idea. I will have to start using that. Thanks


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