Incredible Gift Program

Incredible Gift Program

I just read on CRE online that the FED's have opened up a part 2 program for REI only ( not to homebuyers) From what I am understanding this program allows $36,500 in grant money to be used for REI only. Did you get it "GRANT MONEY" does not have to be paid back. The post goes on to say that you can 1 grant per enity, up to 5 enities. For all of us trying to find ways to make deals happen, this could be the answer to all our prayers. I am still researching the post, and at this point this is all that I can offer my DG family. But rest assured my friends, if there is free $$$ out there, I will find it and share the news with everyone.
Has anyone heard of similar news??? If you have let us all know about it.......Jan



That's awesome Jan, thank you so much for sharing that with us. Let us know what you find out, that would be GREAT!



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Will Do

I registered for the webinar this Thursday. I will send all my findings in, even if it is a rip-off so nobody gets caught up in a scam....Jan


I know you will keep us informed and safe! NO doubt about it! ;D


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."


Thanks for the info! You be our eyes and ears. We'll be watching for your safe return. LOL
Jan, the REI Detective! I love it!

Seriously, wouldn't that be cool? Grant money for REIs? Can't wait to hear more.



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Any More Info About Gift Program?

Hello Jan,

Any further info on the gifting program? I visit the creonline site from time to time and I remember receiving an email about a webinar they were conducting about this, however, I did not pay much attention to it, and the webinar was time sensitive.

After seeing your post, I wished I had paid more attention to it now to find out what it was all about. I did go to creonline to see if I could find any info there but I couldn't.

Did you learn anything else about it?

Hi Ellen

I did attend that webinar. Although they all came out saying that this money is available for us, they didn't come out and say how to get it. The bottom line was that the money is only avaiable in the Katrina red zone area only. So anyone from California or New York state where I am from would not qualify unless you were going to buy, rehab or build in the areas that got hit by hurricane Katrina. So after i heard that news and not wanting to go to the south to invest, I got off the seminar. Oh well, we keep learning and looking...Jan

Thanks Jan

I figured as much. Usually, when it's a money from the government type of thing, there are conditions for eligibility or something else that prevents most people from taking advantage of it.


A woman left a message for me some days ago at work about grant money available to investers, however, there are so many thieves out there trying to swindle innocent people. It is scary. One person wanted me to pay for a CD in order to apply for the grant money. I did apply without buying the CD, but never received any. Should you get the information as you said, we all could benefit. Thanks.



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There are spamers out there with this free money scam going on. It is real important to be careful about what you subscribe to. I have no doubt that there is real grant money out there for the taking, but at this time between REI, work, home, and trying to still have a family life, to look for this info is not an option for me right now....Jan

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