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Well, I am a Realtor, have been since 2006. Before that I spent three years in the mortgage industry. I am also a firefighter on a volunteer department for the past 14 years or so and I volunteer one morning a week at the Shriners in Springfield, MA. I am the past vice president of the Massachusetts Call Volunteer Firefighters Association where I now serve as Secretary to the entire organization which has enabled me to travel the country on fire business and explore opportunities in other parts of the US.

I have yet to start REI because I think I always talk myself out of deals. Such as, septic needs replacing--$25,000 in this area, or price is to high compared to expected market rents, or quality of renters is low.

I have found some bargains, just need a little FIRE under my butt to get me started....


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You asked for it. We're gonna turn up the heat on you!

JK. We're here for any support you need. Smiling



Thank you Rina, Honorary President of the Massachusetts Chapter


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I wanted to do it for at least 10 years before I did my first deal. Then when I finally did it, I did really well, so I understand. But you will always be wondering if you can make money in REI, until you do give it a try. Start with wholesaling, that way you don't have to worry about replacing anything, you're just flipping to another buyer. Eye-wink

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