Ludenia E Hevner

My name is Ludenia E Hevner, but I go by Denia. I was born in the 60's. The youngest of 3 kids and the only girl. My father was in the military while I was growing up, so I moved around quite a bit. I married young to a man that abused me. I survived that and moved to a different state with my oldest daughter, Tazra 20, she was only 3 at the time. I am now happily married to a wonderful man named Bruce. We have been together since Christmas 1998. We were blessed with 2 more children Joey, 4, and Wandera, 5. I am very active at church. I am the SW District Secretary for the United Methodist Women. I went to school at ITT and got my degree in Computer Engineering Electronics Technology about a year and a half ago. I got a job before as a bench tech before I finished school, but lost it due to cut backs needed for the business to stay open. My boss gave me a glowing recomendation. I pray for a job and the Lord sent me AT&T and Wal-Mart. I worked both for 7 months until I got my raise at AT&T. Now I only work at AT&T selling their products. I have never been a sales person so I am having a hard time. Real Estate is different because people need to have a place to live and showing a nice home to them does not require a lot of convincing. My dream is to someday be debt free, have lots of time for my family, and go to Paris, France.
Late one night I could not sleep worring about bills. I was flipping the channels and saw some guy talking about real estate. His name was Dean Graziosi. I stayed up and watched the rest of the show. I bought the book for my husband. He loved the idea. He never did anything with it. Months past by, our truck broke down, then the van, which ment all we had was the motorcycle. You can't put 5 people on 1 motorcycle. We got the van fixed so far, but not the truck. My job is at risk if I don't make my sales. It is very hard to convince someone to switch to a company that has higher prices than what you are paying. I looked for the book, but could not find it so I went to the book store and bought another book. I went thru more than half on my day off, Sunday. I have been reading it everyday. I hope to finish the book today and get started reading the forums to know what else to do. I can't affored to have a mentor so the website will be my mentor. I have found a new family to help me out and that is so awesome. I am so excited. No matter what education, how smart you are, how well you do your job, you are still are at risk for being fired. This new way of life for me is going to set me and my family free and we will never have to worry about that again. I see a better future coming and it is very nice. I won't go rushing in I will take advice and heed the word of those willing to help me. It is true, we need to lisiten to those making money to know how to make money.