A patient approach

A patient approach

Well I've stopped hitting hard on REI for a few day's also since I've had to put some bids in on my drywall business. But I've found other interesting things in the time of relaxation. I've managed to find another investor (s) and even got this wonderful email

Hi Bernie,

Yes I am a local investor. I buy properties in one of two ways Cash or Terms. If I pay cash that property is going to have to cash flow for my investors so I will need a significant discount. If I do a terms deal I can pay closer to what the asking price is but they will not receive all their money for 3 to 5 years. I don’t care so much what the area is nor the condition just understand the worse the condition and/or area the more of a discount I will need.

If you too are an investor I would like you to invite you to our next REIA meeting. It will be held 11/24/08 at Friendly’s restaurant in Colchester (off exit 16)


Im gonna make him an offer he cant refuse

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