Finding Probate

Finding Probate

How do you find probate information? Most of the information is going to be different in each area. I have posted some ways you may look for or what you may be looking for in your area:

• In the classified section of your newspaper, under Legal Notices, you will find probate or death notices*
• In most states, the notice is called Notice to Creditors
• Depending on your state, probate notices could also be called:
– Notice of Administration (Florida, Indiana)
– Notice to Debtors and Creditors (Georgia)
– Notice of Letters Testamentary Granted (Missouri)
– Notice to Interested Persons (Oregon)
– Notice to Administer Estate of _________ (California)

• State statutory codes state that Notices to Creditors must be printed in a newspaper of general circulation in the county of residence of the deceased, usually three times in two weeks or ten working days.

I hope you find this information usefull when looking for probate infomation.


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