The First Few Days After a Death

The First Few Days After a Death

When someone passes away you will find that:

• Within ten days of a death, the funeral home will receive an official Death Certificate from the coroner’s office, county registrar, or Clerk of the Courts
• The probate file will be established by the Probate Department
– If there is nothing to probate, no file is established
– The information about probate cases will be located in the Probate Department at you local courthouse
– They maintain a file but it is only by name and case number.

If you have it in good with the coroner's they may be able to lead to more information with the probate as well. Don't forget that most of your information will come from the county / probate department.


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The courthouse is such a wealth of information for investors, with probates, lis pending, divorces, you could spend the whole day there!! Thanks for sharing that with us coach.


Cool Elena Cool
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Great Tip

Great! And yet another source for possibly finding properties! I never get tired of hearing more about that! Maybe I'll check it out at my local courthouse tomorrow! Thanks Nathan!

Michael B

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