Be Successful Creating Marketing

Be Successful Creating Marketing

Marketing is not just creating letters. To be successful creating marketing you need to understand who you are marketing to.
1) What keeps them awake at night, indigestion boiling up their esophagus, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?
- “Can I deliver product of what clients want?”
- What is the other Lawyers going to do
- Day before and coming days.
- Settle next big case
- More money
- Bills
- Clients without work

2) What are they afraid of?
- Meeting client expectations.
- Do they win – winning brings more clients – they are business men
- loosing in court or looking bad
- Crappy client and cases. – Generally less fearful of things.

3) What are they angry about? What are they angry at?
- Client not paying.
- Other clients hide assets
- Reforms (litigation reforms)
- Returning phone calls *Hate
- Paper work
- work

4) What are their top three daily frustrations?
- Other lawyers (non-cooperative, hardball)
- Needy clients that do not pay
- Opening mail
- Bad judges
- Phone Calls
- Not enough money
- Dealing with clients

5) What trends are occurring and will occur in their business or lives?
- Going to pre-paid legal – Professional need to retain business.
- Outsourcing of business

6) What do they secretly, ardently desire most?
- *** More money
- Increase profitability
- Justice
- To do what they want.
- Life that is good

7) Is there a built in bias to the way they make decisions?
- why read when can help client and make the $100

8) Do they have their own language?

9) Who else is selling something similar to them, and how?

10) Who else has tried selling them something similar, and how has that effort failed?
- Did not captivate the professional

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Dean's Recommended Reading

Thanks Dean for the great book you recommended called "CHANGING THE CHANNEL." I just received it in the mail yesterday and am only on chapter 3 but cannot wait to finish it. I really appreciate the knowledge of marketing this book provides so abundantly. I can really see how effective marketing is so essential to have a successful business.

Lesa Jo



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