Statistics You May Find Interesting

Statistics You May Find Interesting

Why do people choose their mortgage lender?

36% the lender was recommended by their agent
16% reputation
14% price
14% they had used the lender before
13% the lender was recommended by family or friends

When did the borrower get pre-approval?

38% before looking for a house
30% while looking for a house
28% after they found a house
5% never. They were not pre-approved.

Where did buyers find out about lenders?

41% from their agent
32% from the Internet
28% from friends/family
26% from going to different lenders
20% from newspapers
16% from telephone
6% from direct mail
5% from TV commercials


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I used my realtor's mortgage guy to buy my current home. The first time though, I was going to use my ex bosses mortgage company, but he wouldn't fund it when the appraisal came in $20k short. So I used the realtor's guy and his lender's appraiser came in right on the money, I got the loan, paid it back in 1 year along with the pre-payment penalties. Too bad for my ex boss though, he could've made all that money back on the loan had he gotten another appraiser. So the lesson is, if you get a low appraisal, get another appraiser, there's a good chance they might differ.


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