Here are three easy steps to attract more buyers and retain them as clients!

Here are three easy steps to attract more buyers and retain them as clients!

Here is some information I found on another post by unknown writer. I think is very good and applicable.

· Open Houses: Why do Realtors hold open houses? Open houses put the Realtor in front of prospective buyers. They may not buy that house, but you can make those prospective buyers your client. This is the first step, meeting the buyers and holding an open house can be a great tool to meet them. Now that you met them, how do you get them to work with you? Provide Value!! Be the friendly expert that they want to work with. Do something different that others do not do. This will separate you from your competition!

· Neighborhood Website: One way to separate yourself is by offering an exclusive neighborhood website. This will impress upon the potential buyers your commitment to the community. Obviously they are looking at homes in that area, show them your neighborhood website and make it easy for them to search for homes in that area. This positions you as the local expert in the eyes of the buyer. It also creates a tool for the buyers to use, and keeps your name (not your competition’s) in front of the prospective buyers.

· Anchor the Client: By providing valuable neighborhood (area) information, the buyer’s will create a trusting relationship with you. The more research a prospective buyer does, the more they are told to work with an area specialist. You are positioned as that area specialist and will see more buyers wanting to work with you!


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