Real Estate Investing In Texas

Real Estate Investing In Texas

Every Market is different.

Texas is an interesting market today.

Texas has been spared from much of the economic hardships.

Our economy is actually growing in some areas. The hill country is in the top ten locations of the nation for housing appreciate per the federal housing oversight committee.

I am in the DFW metroplex. We have many foreclosures on the market but due to the increase in migration to our area there are still buyers. Also, middle-income families are downsizing.

Curious to know of anyone else being successful in this strange market.

Thank you for your sharing of experiences.


Hey Texas

Besides having a great attitude, you also live in one of the best areas for real estate. You still have great properties for the dollar. I have about 350 relative in the Victoria area and I'm always amazed at what you can purchase properties for.
You will go far because you have a great outlook!


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