"If It Was Such A Good Deal Someone Else Would Have Already Bought It"

"If It Was Such A Good Deal Someone Else Would Have Already Bought It"

Early on when I started learning about real estate I constantly wrestled with the fact that I was just a beginner and if I uncovered a "good deal" then I must be missing something because if it was that good of a deal someone more talented than me would have already bought it. Man was I wrong. I was bound determined to buy what I thought was a good deal even if I messed it up. I worked endlessly. Literally night and day and on weekends. Here is what I found. There were more money making deals than I could handle! Once you look at "X" amount of deals you will start seeing what the normal eye can't see. It is hard to explain. Most people give up just a little to early. A good friend of mine saw all the success I was having so he started looking in the same town as me. He told me he was going to become an investor. Exactly 1 week later he came up to me and said "there just aren't any good deals out there". He gave up and I bought 15 more properties in that area in the next 15 months. He said I just got "lucky". Either I got lucky or I just never quit looking until I found what I was looking for. Never,Never,Never,Never Give Up!


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!


Thanks for this post, I know it was an earlier one but I liked it alot and I thought it holds true right now.


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So true cbr

I know this is a much earlier post but when i was reading it everything made so much sense... It is true that the deals are out there even the best ones... You just have to FIND them and LOCK EM UP. Thanks for the encouragement cbr. Such an inspiration.

David Cool


Laughing out loud David Laughing out loud

"The soul of a lazy man desires, and has nothing; But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich." Prov 13:4

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Reminds me of myself

Hey Cbr, you post reminds me of myself now. I am new to real estate. I wanted to get involved for years. Didnt know how to start or what to do and always thought that you needed lots money to invest. Am 25 now wanted to invest since I was 19. I always new I didnot want to be working for other people. I lost my my job in Decenber of 08'. I talked to a friend one night and we were talking about things and we got to talking about how we wanted to get into real estate. All stuff we talked about before. Then he told me a friend recommended DEAN'S book to him and told him if he wanted to get started that he should get this book right away. So he told me about the book. I went to the book store and picked it up the next day. Read it in 2 days. I always reread certain material and refer back to it. Then ever since, till this day I have been reading and learning day and night. I have not found a job yet but am maintaining. So I am taking full advantage of my time. I have taken action after about 1 week and a half of reading different material and taken a few steps to finding a deal. I am getting closer to a deal for sure. Will let everyone know as soon as I land one. I have a buyers list, I also joined a REI CLUB,I have a few potential realtors, brokers. I am almost finish with the home inspestors cousre I am taking. Have reached out to some people and have gotten a few responses. My plan right now is to wholesale. I met with realtor last week he, spoke to me for like 2 hours and asked if I wanted to get my real estate license, and he said he would show me how to do things. So I am doing it. So I will have my home inspectors license and my real estate license by the end of march. And a deal or 2 done. Sorry for the long post. Just if you guys knew how many hours I committ to reading and researching and learning and making a few calls a day. You would say I am nuts. Sometimes I dont even eat. I am so caught up on getting this thing going. Determined. It getting closer I can feel it. Goal is to make 80k by the fall of 09'. I know I put you guys to sleep, but I am proud of the changes I made and am making in my young life. So thanks for reading.


I got my mind made up.....

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Congrats Kingjuss

Kingjuss I was thrilled to read your post. I am brand new to this. I just got Deans "How to be a real estate millionaire" book and just passed page 100 and i am going strong. I am recently unemployed and i am using the time off to study the material. I just wanted to say that even though i am nervous about getting started i am also very excited about it as well. It is great to see there are others out here with similar situations as myself. Thanks for the post, reading it gave me motivation to keep on truckin'.


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How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal, and you have to be willing to work for it. "Don't give up, don't ever give up." - Jim Valvano

Careful of license..

Kingjuss.. be careful with getting your Real Estate license! In some states having a license restricts your investment possibilities! The people who make the most money in ANY Real Estate market are INVESTORS. You don't need a license to be an investor Smiling

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