A little about SHIELA

I am a seasoned California Real Estate Broker. With over 10 years in the real estate and mortgage business under my belt, I have successfully helped over 980 families with their real estate needs, that's an average of 98 families per year.

I have been a REI since the age of 19. Within the 12 months into the business, I quit my full time job and have been a full-time real estate investor since then and created a great Real Estate TEAM that provided RESULTS! At the age of 20, I owned 4 homes, drove a brand new Mercedez Benz S500, and averaged between $20K-$35K per month.

Today, I am 30 years old. I own my own real estate firm and own 2 mall strips, 6 apartment buildings, 23 homes, and average between $80K-$120K per month. Thanks to DG, I haven't missed a single field trip with my 4 children because through his techniques I am one word: "EVIDENCE"

You can do it too! Believe in yourself and dream big dreams -- the bigger the dream, the bigger the struggle, the bigger the victory! Don't you dare quit!