Plan your Day!

Plan your Day!

Plan your day, every day, preferably, the night before. Then, when you start your work day, there is a plan of action to direct you forward.

• Without a plan, temptations may draw you into unproductive avenues where you may serve the loudest voice that demands your time rather than dealing with the most productive opportunity.

• A simple plan consists of a list of all the items you want to accomplish during the next day.

• Prioritize those items in order of their importance. (#1 for most important, #2 for next most important, etc.)

• Begin the most important item first, then go to the next most important item, etc. Typically, it is unlikely that all items on the list will be completed, but that’s fine.

• Success has little to do with how much was left undone at the end of the day but, rather, what was actually accomplished.

• You may always leave undone more than you get done simply because you have more to do than time permits.

• ACTION: Write down the best time for you to do your planning.


Plan more than you can do and take advantage of "Parkinson's Law" which teaches that, "a project tends to take the time allocated for it."

• If you give yourself one thing to do, it will likely get done.

• If you give yourself two things to do, you will likely accomplish both. If you give yourself five things to do, you may not get all five done, but you may complete three or four items.

• Having a lot to do creates a healthy sense of “pressure” on us to naturally become better time managers. With a lot on your plate, you tend to be more focused and tend to allow fewer interruptions, and you delegate better. There is a saying that states, “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” They know how to utilize their time.

• Be careful. Don’t put so much on your plate that you feel overwhelmed. That’s not the purpose. Put enough on so that you are comfortable with your progress and not so much that you end up a nervous wreck.


Getting all that you need done will take some planning. Most people find that working on your business “whenever they have the time” simply doesn't work. Too often we don't find the time. To use the time you do have, begin planning when you will do your business, work, and socialize, ahead of time. You'll find you have more time than you thought.

Many people find it useful to see the week all at once, rather than one day at a time. When planning, consider each of the following categories.

1. First, Enter the "fixed" time commitments which cannot change:

• Meetings, day job, church, family commitments, practices, commute times. Note the time you plan to get up and when you plan to go to bed.

• Also, determine for the week how much time you’ll spend on growing your business.

• Plan to work at it some each day if possible. Avoid marathon sessions. Be specific. Put your hardest or least enjoyable tasks at your prime times. (When are you most alert-morning? Evening?)

• Think about your life patterns to determine how long you will work at your business. Don't schedule more than 2 hours without a break.

2. Write in “flexible” activities.

• meals, getting showered and dressed, sleeping.

3. Schedule “optional” activities.

• It is important to include "me" time to keep a balance. This includes exercise, time with friends, television time, a trip to the coffee shop, attending a sports event or concert. It may even include a nap!

4. Highlight important days, times, or dates you have assignments due, preferably in color.

5. Keep updating your schedule throughout the week.

6. And most importantly, stick to your schedule.

• Consult it often and commit to following it.

• If it isn't working, revise it.

When you are done with your weekly schedule, look for open spaces, or too-tightly scheduled areas. You may wish to schedule additional tasks in the blanks. Try to leave some blank spaces to use for things that come up or tasks that take longer than you anticipate.


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Thanks Coach!

This is one area I lack. It would definitely help move things along more smoothly.


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great advice

Thanks to Part 2 in Dean's how to become a real estate millionaire and this post, I have def learned that planning your time is very important...Just thinking bout it, makes me realize just how much time I actually do waste throughout the day...I could use my time to my advantages, but instead waste it doing things that I really don't need to like watching tv, or just sitting around not doing anything...It's obvious to see that I was doing these things, but never thought bout it. So a planner is def gunna be purchased by me, and I am gunna start using time to my advantage...I hate when "plan" on doing something, but put it off and put it off till I forget or it's to late...Atleast if something is written down, can stick to what it is I have to do, and know bout how long it will take, and then know what is coming up. Whether its free time, or another thing that needs to be taking care of. So before I write a book, I just want to say great advice and it is def worth atleast noting for everyone so they can manage there time better.
thanks again, Marc


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good info

I practice this almost to the letter everyday - would be lost without some sort of plan


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Great advice

Planning leads to implementation. Without a plan, we tend to get side track and do what is not expected. This is noted for re-read. Thanks



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