Classified Ad Section Added To Site!

We've added a classified ads section to the website. You can view the Classified Ad section and start getting it started with any properties you want to advertise or services you personally offer.

Please remember the website rules: Do not post personal information such as full name, phone number and avoid email addresses (100% chance of getting spam). Use the private message features in the user's profile to contact them.

Please put any suggestions for new categories, better organization, features or formatting here. This is just the initial launch, we will improve upon it over time.



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good idea...

did you get my idea about the instant messaging feature?


I like...I like

Nice idea!



excellent idea. great source of advertising. thanks



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Thanks for adding this section, at least I know you are still reading our are the best

I am =)

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I have just had to take a back seat for a bit and just work in a editorial capacity lately as opposed to being in the mix everyday.

Same with Dean, we've got a lot going on right now writing a couple new books, shooting videos, etc...

I *hope* in about another month or two max we'll be back on cruise control and mixing it up on here a lot more again.

All of you are doing a great job of holding down the fort though, so thanks for that!