Hard Money Lender in TX

Hard Money Lender in TX

Well, I just got back from the bank trying to get ahold of some cash. I think I am going to be denied because I am in the middle of fighting identity theft, but it should be cleared up within 45 days because I sent the letters including all the info they need to wipe it off my report about 3-4 days ago. Not sure if that is the way to go, but I can not find a hard money lender in the houston area that will finance with out pulling credit report. Not only that, I can not even have my realtor show me houses until I get the proof of funds letter. I don't know what I am going to do. I really need a hard money lender that does not care about the credit report. If anyone has any thing to help me, that would be great. I live in the Houston, TX area.



Hard Money lender

Have you tried looking in the paper for investors and starting out with finders fees for them until everything is straightened out? That way you would have some moeny to work with and you would have more options available.

Finders Fee

Yes, I have thought about that. Now I have gotten a proof of funds letter, and things are looking up. Although it is a double closing POF, I am hoping that when I get an offer accepted, then I can have enough time to market the property and sell it. I guess we will see.

Hard money lender

Hi everyone,

I am a very new "newbie" on the block. I noticed you speaking about hard money lenders, could you please help me on that subject ie:
What is this
Who are they
Where do I look for them

Please if any one can help explain, I'd sure appreciate.

Thank you,


Here is the email of a HML who is a member of this site. His name is Troy Judd and the email is troyj@gofrf.com I don't know if he works Texas but give it a try. Also here is one in Ohio I believe, try this web site www.blazevicfunding.com Hope this helps....Jan

Hard Money Loans

Any one know of Hard Money lenders that do not require down payment?

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