Me Myself Not I

My name is Chris and I am in my mid 20's and have always loved the thought of being a big real estate investor..or acter for that matter!

I grew up in a middle class family and was always taught the "poor dad" advice of do good in school and work for a living and hope not to get fired. In the back of my mind I always knew there had to be better less taxable ways to make money and sure enough I found out there is.

More about me...
Growing up I moved around alot due to my fathers job changes, this was good in that it allowed me to see different area's of the country and how things worked there. Not so great for trying to keep friends though and that became very had on me, always having to move somewhere. I would have to account my Faith and love of outdoor activities as what kept sane those early teen years enough to bring me where I'm now. I still love mountain and road biking, along with my love of fast high end cars and Formula racing boats to keep my gears turning.

For the future I look forward to making alot of money with this and using it to help others and make a difference. As well as bettering myself and learning as much as I can from others and future personal experiences. I've learned it's best to diversify as much as possible because perspective can be everything most times.

God Bless!