Deal of the Month #7 - Word of Mouth Marketing

This month's story proves that word of mouth can still be the best marketing out there. In this video I talk about an amazing commercial deal that will net me around $1,000,000 profit. You see, I have been investing in my small hometown for a number of years. During that time I have let everyone know that I am a real estate investor and am always looking for deals they hear of. Well this deal fell into my lap for that very reason. One of my friends father's was able to secure a piece of property that I wanted to buy for years. When my friend called me up and let me know I immediately said that I would go partners with him on the property. Take a look at the video and learn how you can spread the word of your real estate investing and turn that into quick profitable deals.

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good video dean

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hi dean i liked the video on the commercial prop,as you know my gov.sarah palin put wasilla on the map now, we have alot of comm.projects here in the valley
here in wasilla ,we have a new strip mall with target,theres still land along the highway in good locations still for sale, i dont have the resource to buy this ,so im asking you if you like to check out wasilla alaska on commercial land ,theres talk of costco comming to wasilla next year, i thought i ask you for your advise,


I really enjoyed this video

This video was like sitting in a classroom where the teacher teaches and the students learn. Maybe we should have at least one of these videos a week from either Dean or from one of my other DG faimily members who have also achieved success. Thanks to all.


Graet Video - hope to see more deals

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Congratulations on another great deal. Thank you for sharing these deal of the month videos. I enjoy watching them and they provide real motivation. I hope to see more deals of the month videos in the future. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling

deal of the month

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this is the first time I've seen this deal of the month section. would like to see more current ones. thanks,rob

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