Selling Notes - Loan Term

Selling Notes - Loan Term

Keep the loan terms short. If you cannot keep the terms short because of the large payment attach a balloon to the loan.


The shorter the term the less an investor can discount the note to get a particular return.

$100,000 note; 8% interest
Investor is looking for 20%

30 Year note would get a $43,911 offer.
20 Year note would get a $49,236 offer.
5 Year note would get a $76,532 offer.

True, the payment increase dramatically but the idea is still there.

If you cannot decrease term of the note add a balloon. Balloons should be about 5-7 years out. A balloon serves to do the same thing as decreasing a loan term.

You want the balloon out 5-7 years so the payor can create more equity before they have to refinance / pay off the loan.


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