There has been many things said about us all.. ever since birth. some positive and some negative. As we grow we learn and adapt to theese situations that are presented to us. Each and every day of our lives. I personally coming from the Big Apple' feeling relatively small in this great land of ours. Thankfully i had a melting pot like New York City. Where i have been living ever since November 1986. That showed me and guided me to be the person i am today. To confront life's road bumps and pitfalls the door and welcome progress in time and well measured planning. Always seeking additional answers.coming from a latino background not much information was alviable to me. I may be young but am always hungry to learn,adapt,and modify to strive forward.. I still hold true to my latino roots but never forget i am an american as well.. am a laid back type of person and always willing to engage in lively conversations. I invite you to start one with me. have a great day and much bussiness....CJR

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