Thanksgiving Wishes

Thanksgiving Wishes

I would like to take a minute to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all my DG Family members. My wish is that your holiday is filled with Love, Peace and tons of happiness. Enjoy it! (and the leftovers!) Laughing out loud

Happy Turkey Day,


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Happy Thanksgiving DG family!

To all the DG family.... I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving! May you all be prosperous this year and next!

God bless,


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Happy Thanksgiving!

2nd and 3rd that! I think I'm going to be offline on T-Day so this is a good time to say Happy Thanksgiving all!

Websites with additional support for Dean's books have been around for some time, but this actual community based website isn't even a year old. We still have about 2 months and change until we get there.

It's been a great first year so far! I'm quite thankful that so many have been generous enough to share and advance this community as quickly and far as it had!


Happy Thanksgiving, ALL!

Blessings to our whole AWESOME DG Family! I wish you a peaceful holiday stuffed with love and contentment.
I'm thankful to be a part of this great family. Smiling

All the best,



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Happy Thanksgiving.......

Happy Thanksgiving you All! I am very thankful to a part of this wonderful family. Enjoy this thankful day and every day for growing as a person and enjoying life. My eyes are getting bigger than my belly and I bet yours are too. Enjoy and be safe!



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Thansgiven should be

Thansgiven should be celebrated each and every day of our lives!!! im truly thank full 1st our God , second family. friends. and awesom people such as DG family!!! be fruitfull and multiply!!!


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Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Best Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving

As always, it is indeed a pleasure hanging out with the DG family even on this Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy your time with family and friends. May we all have a wonderful day, be well, and for those traveling, may you all reach your destination safely to and fro. God Bless.



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Happy Bird Day!

This is SULLY, and I Approve this Message: Everyone have a Safe and Happy Holiday, from yours Truley(lol), SULLY Sticking out tongue



Belated Wishes

Hi All - well, I hope you're all stuffed with good food and family time! I wasnt online yesterday but I did truly think of you all and give thanks for all of my extended DG family! If it wasnt for everyone here I would have not had the courage and support needed to help me step out of my fear zone and move forward in my life. So a very big THANK YOU to all!
Love, Peace & Prosperity,