Order of Process

Order of Process

Would it behoove me to first create a "buyers", team? Before I even start to look for properties? And if the ans is yes, what seems to work best when getting a team of buyers on your team?


you need to define "buyers

you need to define "buyers team" then i can properly anwser your question.



Order of process

I guess that would be the realtors, investors, mortgage people. i.e. those who are ready to purchase or looking to purchase property. So if one of the offers are accepted by the seller, I would contact one of the "buyers," on my team.

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Ideally Yes

When you have a big list of people ready to buy a property at a discount it is easier to assign or sell the property. Also, it is a good idea to have financing prepared before you present offers. Build the list.


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Buyers List

It can be easier to create a buyers list first then find the properties because you do have them lined up ready to go.

The type of homes that our out there can could be for sale are listed with realtors on the MLS (multiple listing service), also for sale by owners, homes for rent could be a possibility as well as vacant properties.

There are several ways to start marketing for a buyers list and also finding other investors that are interested in buying. By driving neighborhoods, looking at printed materials, using the internet and working with realtors.
You will also want to advertise your business. "We buy houses." "Stop Foreclosure, sell your home and save your credit." "We buy houses up to 95% of value fast."

You can be looking for wholesale buyers this is anyone that is looking to invest and buy properties at a discounted value.

Retail buyers are anyone that is just looking to buy their own home.

If you are looking to find wholesale buyers you will want to call on any advertisement that says "We buy Houses!" "Do you need to sell your home? We can help." "Bank Stealing your home? Stop Foreclosure NOW!"

You can also find wholesale and retail buyers by referrals. You will also want to be networking and going to investment clubs in your area like www.creonline.com. Handing out business cards to everyone you come in contact with will also help advertise your business and get you referrals.

Below are some different questions to be asking to qualify a buyer.

What is their criteria of homes are they looking for? Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities ect...

What neighborhood are they interested in?

What is the price range they are looking for?

What is your profit margin?

Have much repair work are they looking to do?

How much earnest money do they have available or down payment?

Have they been approved for a loan?

Investors are they going to pay with cash?

How soon can they buy?

Do they need to sell another house first?

What is the most important to them? Size, price range, location?

Type of property? Mobile homes, SFR (Single Family Residence), multi-family?

How many deals to do a year?

I hope that this has been able to help you out.

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