My Name is and what im about

Hi I'm Marcus Creamer your Here is about my life. I'm only 22 years old and I've been in doing network marketing for 2 years. I got dyslexic ADHD and High Blood Pressure. My hobbies are playin poker, the outdoors ( white water rafting, camping, hiking, etc), sports and the computer. I am here to show different ways to boost sales in your personal business and directmatches business to get an extra check coming to you. My specialty is teaching how to use ebooks to ur advange! Did you know that you can get a vehicle. I am not lying. Its an executive contest. I'm going to send you two different sites that can tell you more about directmatches and the pay plan with a calls list please get on the calls you can learn a lot more then these letters l send out. What I send out to my team once in a while does work. Please download skype that site is it's another messenger with cool tools you can use. My username is creamer1316 so if you do download it please add me that's all about me I would love to learn about everybody that's on my team. Have any questions here is a list you can reach me at so ask away. If you want to learn more about any thing out there IM if you have skype send me a note username creamer1316 or email me lsutiger204@**** I also have myspace IM and yahoo messanger myspace IM username creamer1316 or give me a call 225-245-1316