Hot realestate SALE

Hot realestate SALE

If any one wants a condo on the beach now is the time
in South Alabama. Gulf Shores has over built condos
in this area. There is an ABSOLUTE AUCTION FOR 30
These condos are new and were selling for $450,000.00
and now you maybe able to get one for $300,000.00 or
less. There is no web site for this, but for more
information call this number 1-800-445-6597.
See you at the auction on May 3 2008.
Just wanted let everyone know.



thanks for letting us now, i

thanks for letting us now, i find it awesome that your helping us out. I'd definetly be there if I had the money. I just bought the book and I'm starting out. I'm investing in my financial education before I invest in property.

Just Starting

I am in the exact same boat. I think its great that everyone wants to help each other, it really gets me motivated to start doing this. First I have to learn more about this new world that I am about to dive into. Im going to also start by reading the book. Thanks for the help though.

I apreciate your info

I agree with millionaremind007, thank you for sharing such good information, I got so much to learn before jumping into something that I can't not even afford, good luck at the auction




I am jst blessed to have found this site

It is so awesome to have the forum and be able to ask questions knowing someone will respond and help me understand areas that are not very clear to me. I appreciate you Sully.

Praise God for your patience in answering questions. I hope to be like you someday and be of help to others.


Not to be a wet blanket

But I use to live in Gulf Shores and I know why these GREAT DEALS on the condos are going on. The fact of the matter is, Gulf Shores lies dead center in Hurricane territory and when a storm hits the Gulf of Mexico it (Gulf Shores) is evacuated almost every time.

I had just built a 3000sq/ft home on the west end of the island and Hurricane Katrina hit. I watched as my entire home slid into the gulf of Mexico, loosing my home and everything in it.

Granted it is a beautiful, very beautiful location. I would be extremely careful on buying there because of the storm situation. Not only me but lots of my friends lost everything we own to that island and I just want anyone interested in that location to be aware of the hazards.

Again I am not trying to be a wet blanket, sorry.


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Anita, thank you for giving

Anita, thank you for giving us important information. I'm sorry for your loss. God bless you, and may you get back 10 times what was taken!



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Thank you

I really was not trying to be a downer but that area may be beautiful but there are a lot of other things to factor in. Thats why these condos are siting there empty


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Forums are the best!

Folks, in just a few posts, here's what I learned:

1) Beautiful condos for sale at 75% of their value
2) Some are choosing to learn/gather information before they act
3) Others that have been in the area speak from personal experience

Wow! Would you EVER get that kind of "truly balanced" information ANYWHERE ELSE! You guys are helping me learn SO MUCH!

A) So, one can choose to get a good deal, but goes in knowing the history of weather in that specific region...
B) Or, one can choose to think about this in their future dealings (i.e. location, location, location)
C) Or, one may choose to not repeat the experience and watch their house crash into the ocean
* Interestingly, I can see myself choosing ANY/ALL of these based upon some other criteria!!!

Thanx to all! wib


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