Duplex in Southern California

Duplex in Southern California

Ok here it is.

I located and REO property. It is a "makeshift duplex". Each unit has 2br/1ba approx 1550 sq/ft total for both units.

It was listed at $109900.00 and only work needs was repair small hole in barrier wall (sheetrock) and pour new walkway 8'x10'. I offered $99K and the comps in area are $225-265K for comparable units.

I am listing it at $179K on a 10day as soon as I get last paperwork frm bank. I already posted ad for it on CL and told perspective buyers I was accepting calls for appointments starting this weekend. I have 17 already. I priced at 179: knowing full well I would take 150K, giving me room to negotiage and the buyer still coming out on top as well.

Its a WIN WIN!


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