Chicagoland area - Networking/partners wanted

Chicagoland area - Networking/partners wanted

I am looking for people to team up with to learn from each other and possibly do deals together. Let's pool our resources and see what can happen. If you're from SW Michigan, Northern IN, or Chicagoland area and looking for more resources post a reply. The future is bright!


Looking for Resources

This is my first time in this area of Dean's website. I'm interested in knowing more about available property within the city of Chicago. I'm especially interested in foreclosures.

Have a successful real estate day.




Welcome jmrealty, When you

Welcome jmrealty,

When you say that you are especially interested in foreclosures... do you know what you want to do with them? For example, do you want to fix them up and resell them, rent them out, etc? Let me know.


Im in Chicago

Hey I need to know how to get money for these preforeclosures to resell them can you help?

A little more info?

kingbarbara3 wrote:
Hey I need to know how to get money for these preforeclosures to resell them can you help?


What exactly are you wanting to do? What's your plan? Let me know from start to finish and I may be able to help you a little better.


Well JeffI was try to

Well Jeff

I was trying to birddog for others but that seemed to be not working so far. I want money to purchase foreclosure that I find myself and resell them for a profit. Not that I need to rehab/flip any of them. I want to buy as is and in turn resell as is for a profit can you help?

Looking for someone in Chicago who has had some success.

I have just started to look for properties and am experimenting with lock down properties for those persons who buy ugly houses. So far I have had no success. I found a property in a community where an entire block of condos are being built and the house is on the MLS, I have spoken to the realtor and it is a forclosure. It has been hard trying to contact the owner, but the realtor stated that he would be my rep. if I didn't have a realtor working with me. I panicked and couldn't find someone in Chicago that I could trust with this info. I wanted to lock the house up, get a finders fee and turn the house over. The house was going for 129,000. At the corner, across from public trans. and not far from main street and stores, and a school. I would like to work with someone who can take me by the hand and advise me and show me what to do. I too am interrested in forclosure, and the no money down deals. I have seen so many properties in various places but need financing, to get started. I am a mother of 6 kinds, I have raised them and now it is time for me to get busy. Please advise. Pegmo.

Looking For Resources

Hello JMRealty and all,

I too am in the Chicago area and have a preforclosure if anyone is interested. It's a 2-bed 1-bath some renovations, quiet neighborhood,nice area suburb. Need to sell before forclosure starts.

Also, where are the best places to get the buyers for buyers list. I'm new to the business.


Im from the Chicago South Side Area, It might seem like abit of an inconvience, but if anybody has some shortsale/re-assigns that they were doing, i would like to meet up and "Shadow" for no cost so i can learn. Im definately motivated to learn, but with my current finances, i cannot currently afford to pay for services. Im willing to negotiate any future profit if the expierence pays off.

New to the biz

I am extrememly excited to start in this business. I have no money (laid off in October) and bad credit. I was wondering if the IEE strategy would be the best road to travel to start with. Also, how do you suggest structuring a deal with a realtor? If they have a short sale priced at about 40%-50% below FMV, should I just offer the asking price and stucture my deal accordingly?