New Forum: Start Your Journal Here - Read First

New Forum: Start Your Journal Here - Read First

Rina's journal prompted a new forum section where every member can start a journal to document your progress and get feedback on your activities and strategies from other members.

You can add to it as frequently or infrequently as you like, with as little or as much info you want to post.

By keeping a journal you will not only be able to reflect on your own progress in REI, you will be able to see things ideas or strategies that aren't panning out and should be modified, and focus on those that are.

You will also be able to get insight and perspectives from others in a light you may not have considered.

Anyone can start a journal here, from the prospective investor who just got interested to the most seasoned pro.

If you are new member, maybe start with the basics:
"Today I got Dean's book and have read through page X. So far, reassigns sound like the most interesting start due to the low risk and little capital needed."

Then add you go.

Keeping a journal will both instill discipline and continuous action to move forward, the two key ingredients that most people who give up never achieve.

We all look forward to following your progress, trials and triumphs!


PS: Thanks for setting this in motion Rina!





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View my journal here:

Journal 11-12-04

Hello everyone, I have just finished re-reading deans books. I am excited and nervous about the unknown, but ready to do this. My burning question is finding mentors or fellow DGRs in North Carolina near Havelock, New Bern, Moorehead and surrounding areas. I am ready to jump in with both feet but I dont want to be reckless and do anything overly stupid. Of course I have to make mistakes to learn and grow, but I want to minmize the collateral damage. Experience is the best teacher so if any of you are willing to donate time and guidance to a hungry DGr, contact me and lets get started.


Knowledge is Potential Power!

Oh so scared

Rina, Thank you. Yes I am scared, but going forward,and I love the fact that this is up and running hope I figure it all out soon,Thank you Dean both keep on smiling it breaks down the walls and makes you feel among friends.


Getting Started

Okay I have purchased the books waiting for them but utilizing the down load.. I don't know What I'm doing I will stay on the site , read and feed my brain until I get a clue. I want to succeed and have a story to tell, I just can't go back words now... I found my why. The inspiration and positive attitudes that are generated on this site are addictive... Thank you every one that has put in or will put in information, education, opinions , and feed back to help me grow.


Finally found it?!

Posted a few blogs that I was not sure if it was actually the "journal" site or I just misunderstood what "blogging" vs "journaling" was. Forgive my confusion as I just went ahead and blogged/journaled in the Blog section.I hope I got this straight now and will try to distinguish between the two. (Not all that hip to web etiquite) sorry. Anyway, if this is the place, I'm glad I found it. I plan on using it as often as I can and or feel. It will probably save a few trees in the process as I am so excited about this that I am burning through tons of white paper making notes, journaling and talking to myself in general, all enthused and motivated about what I found and am hoping for in the future.It's just great to be able get involved as I have never participated in anything like this before. Too self conscious or just plain apathetic. Thank you all for your great support and inspiration!


Ohh.. I think I am finally getting this. I posted two new journals that were by accident. I meant to have "one" journal that I could add consecutive entries into, but started "several" by accident. No matter. I'm learning.

My Blog

I think that i did that same thing. So i am going to start here too and see what happnes. I am not really much on bloging and not very good at it either. I have tried that once before on other subjects and other websits. So here it goes. My husband and i are looking at several houses in diffrent stages some in probate and need lots of work. I also have a friend that came to me to help her the bank is forclosing on her property and Finaly this week we have located a real buyer with money to pass off a property when we find one. Still trying to locate buyers in Minneapolis area so if you are any where near us pm me or send me a message. I would appreciate it thanks.


" Not Having a goal is more feared than not reaching one"

Christa Niven

Starting Your New Journal (Instructions)

Mark K wrote:
Click on "Member Journals" (to the right of "Home") at the top of this page (or click this link: and then click on the "Post New Forum Topic" button and off you go!

Remember the Title you used so you can keep going back and reply to others that have commented in your journal or to enter new entries in it. Use "My Account" to the left to see the most recent replies in forums you have participated in. You can also click on the "Track" tab inside your "My Account" page to see all forums that you have ever participated in.

Good Luck!


Mark K. Cool

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Thanks Mark this should help! I plan on keeping these instructions for further use.


" Not Having a goal is more feared than not reaching one"

Christa Niven

Slowly But Surely

Today I read some more from DG's book "Profit from Real Estate Right Now" and loving it. I am now on page 135 and have taken notes along the way. I could not help jumping into trying to make my 1st deal when I ran across a property (in my own neighborhood) that was for sale at a great price! Grant you I have not finish the book nor have I contacted the seller at this point. But, I did call my realtor and ask if they could email me info necessary to try and figure out if this property could be my very first investment. At this point I'm feeling really optimistic. Got the other book as well, "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" but haven't gotten to it yet.
I realize I still have a long way to go and my financial situation won't allow me to make the purchase myself. If it turns out to be favorable I am confident that the buyer who sees this property will be grateful that I brought this property to their attention. Won't have as much time tomorrow to do as much reading but I will try to get in at least 10 more pages. Got other properties that look promising but I'm still learning how to walk (not run) thru this whole process.
Full steam ahead!!!


When u fall down just dust yourself off and get back up

Personal Journal

Good morning everyone. Hi my name is Michelle and I just received Dean's "Think a Little Different" course. I have started reading the first book, however I need to download and print my personal journal but I cannot access it. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have tried creating a new username and password but it takes me to purchasing the course. I have called customer service and was told that I needed to purchase it again? Why? Please help me out on how I can get access to my personal journal. Thank you.

OK, here we go, Day 1

Hi DG Family,

Thus far we've purchased the RBBP and studied the Edge.

Today I will find a Real Estate Agent to work with. I am also looking into our business license & DBA, so that we can open our business checking account. I will start service at a local UPS Store to use as our business address.



Kerrie L. DallaCosta

1st Agent Interview - Successful!

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you guys know on my progress...Yesterday I had my 1st agent interview. I was very nervous when he accepted to meet with me. Well, the meeting went better than I thought thanks to everyone's advice, especially Andy's. Here is what I emailed to my agent after the meeting and his response:

Good afternoon Evan,

It was great meeting with you and your father. Thank you for the time you took to meet with me today, and thank you for your professional manner in which our meeting took place. Here are a few requests that I need to getting started with our business relationship:

1). An MLS list of cash solds in the past 90 days in the areas that we talked about.

2). If you can forward me 8 - 10 properties that you think would be great for an investor like me in the areas that you believe would make for a quick resell to start off with.

3). Last but not least, what areas out of all the areas you, your father, and I talked about, what would be the pocket areas and the best places to buy, flip, and sell properties. Which areas are renting or selling the best?

Once again, it was great talking to you and your father, and enjoyed your energy since I like to work with active and up beat agents. Hope to hear from you soon.

Michelle L. Chavez


Agent's Response:

Thanks Michelle I look forward to working with you. Over the weekend I will work to get you everything you need on your list. To answer your question about the best areas, northeast and eastside are the best areas to find these deals, though you want to be open to any area where you find a good investment opportunity. If I had to choose the best area I would probably say eastside because theres more for sale out there and there has been a larger influx of people moving to eastside so that may tell us that you would be able to sell something quicker on the eastside, although the northeast is growing in appeal as well and the millitary is becoming aware of the appeal of the westside resulting in an increase in sales. The bottom line is you can't be prejudice to just one area, were looking for the best deals to put your money whether they come up in northeast, east, or west, etc. Unless for some reason you want to stick to a certain area. I hope this answers your question. I will come up with a list for you and email it to you soon. Thanks



Not only did I meet with this agent but he took his father! That got me more thank God and thanks to everyone and Dean's 30 Days our meeting was a success. I don't know how I made it but I MADE IT! For the newbee's like me, Dean's programs do work!

so much in common

I'm so excited I'm all over this web site. I keep finding new things to look at things to read. Now I'm in this little piece of it, Reading all these comments and it hits me, how much in common I have with everyone else here. So to everyone here I thank you, THIS OLD CARPENTER really did need this. I have so many questions, I'm not sure where to post them on this site and not step on any ones toes. 1 where do I go for forms and contracts 2 A little help with the offer process 3 And how do you get rid of all this fear of the unknown. I thank you all once again. I now don't feel so alone.

Buyers List

Good evening everyone. I am going through with Dean's 30 Days...I have already got my first agent...just waiting for him to send me the MLS list (supposedly I should have it by tomorrow, Monday 02/27/12)...My question to anyone that can help me out is that in the meantine how or where do I search for more buyers? I have done some FSBO here in my hometown and found about 10 listings...Do I contact them? I am not sure if these homes have an agent, broker or whatever else...besides ghost ads (trying to build one at this very moment) and bandit signs (no $$ to buy them).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks.

Starting a New Journal (Instructions)

Click on "Member Journals" (to the right of "Home") at the top of this page (or click this link: and then click on the "Post New Forum Topic" button and off you go!

Remember the Title you used so you can keep going back and reply to others that have commented in your journal or to enter new entries in it. Use "My Account" to the left to see the most recent replies in forums you have participated in. You can also click on the "Track" tab inside your "My Account" page to see all forums that you have ever participated in.

Good Luck!


Mark K. Cool

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Hi, I'm terrified

I just made up my mind to do this and I'm terrified. Everything I've done in the past always seemed to go wrong. I'm hoping that if I do my homework and take it slow I'll finally get somewhere.
I have two wonderful boys that I need to be a role model for. They are 29 and 25 yrs. old. One just received his Cosmetology license and the other is disabled. I would like to be able to learn enough and be able to teach them how to do this for themselves so they can be financially independent.


This, I think, is my first post in this journal. I do want to thank ALL OF YOU who have been here doing what we are all trying to do, which is learn what to do to increase the value of our lives. If it were not for you and what you share wouldn't be known by someone like me....THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WANTING, WONDERING,AND TRYING TO ACHIEVE MY WHOLE LIFE- trying to find someone who knew how to do this very thing. The very thought that someone has actually put it into print is amazing--

THANK YOU, DEAN, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU (FOR TAKING THE ACTION, LOL) AND YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE STAFF!!!!!!! I AM HONORED AND PROUD TO BE HERE. I have had nothing but positive encouragement from people on this site, THANK YOU, ALSO.

Here's is a little of what doing....

I surpassed all my goals I had written up to the end of this month. So, this week, I'll be setting new ones.
I have a contract on a 2, possible 3 bdrm house that I'm going to tom. to met with cleanup crew.
I want and will write my seven levels again.
I want and will write a new contract on a 2 bd this week.
I will listen to at least 3 conf. calls this week.
I will be putting out more flyers, and make asap calls to people who have responded
I will be calling three new sellers back.
I will be going to the courthouse 4 another research prop. #2.
I still don't have a realtor, yet....I will be working harder on this I'm doing all of this myself, it's getting a little harder to be and do stuff all over the place. that's too radical for me.....


P.S.--THANK YOU, RINA, for doing such a great job of putting this journal section together.


Me in a nut shell

I'm so excited to get things going in real-estate. I moved to. Sacramento. Ca. In 1999 and started doing landscaping and for as long as I can remember I wanted to acquire real estate.I have 2 kids 6 grandkids and I want this to work bad. I'm finding that when I try to make an offer on a home they always want proof of funds. I haven't got an answer how to get around this but when I do look out Sacramento here comes Dru . I'll post more when I make my first deal. (soon)

3 day workshop

I am so excited about attending the live 3 day real estate investing workshop tomorrow in Michigan City, IN. I know I am on the right track toward financial freedom, with real estate.

I just received word that my LLC has been completed and is in the mail, so I should be receiving the package in a few days.

I am in the process of moving to Wisconsin, so that I can help my son. It just seems like every thing is falling into place, for the better.

I am so grateful to have in my life.

Is there any reason why you couldn't get rid of the CAPCHA's

newbie start as REI

Hello everyone, last week got into Dean's 30 day program, this is my second week today I have an appoiment with a attorney to see the way he can help me out with the assigment of contracts and back to back closings, I'll also going to ask him about lease option paperwork, I'm really intersting in doing what Greg M. is doing I understood the concept of how it works but I'm confused with what contracts and how to fill them out,well I know I'm doing progress not as fast as I want but I'll speed up doing what Dean says in his program.
If somebody got experience with lease options please help me!

First Realtor Contact using 30 Days

I started reading the book on June 3, sent off emails to realtors on June 5, phone call from one within 15 min. Since then has sent me six of the five suggested properties and is working on the cash buyers list for me also. On the listings there are some tabs(upper right) including "comp". This brought me to screen which shows original price($0), list price($245k), sale price($0), cdom(current days on market?)349, price change($0), and %price change($0), it also lists a average, median, low, and high list price($213k, 224k, 153k, 247k respectively). My question, are these the numbers for the neighborhood, with the median price being 224k? Also each price had its own cdom.

Following Dean's steps

I'm just starting Dean's "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" and am taking action by posting this comment.



Buyers list

Got my first cash buyers list(61 listings) from the agent today. Went to the courthouse and began looking through the records. Of the 61 listings found one out of area owner(I think)two tenant owners and the rest no results. Wondering if I did something wrong or missed something in the book. Going to re-read tonight.Meeting my agent face to face tonight looking over a couple of properties. Time to practice checking them out and get a feel for this. End of day five.

Has it only been 5 days??!!

Completing the end of our first week as official REIs. I'm stopping to give myself a pat on the back. In the beginning of the week I was a little nervous about calling realty offices, but anytime that happened I would just remind myself that in order to make this work I've got to take ACTION. As Dean says, you can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don't use it, what's the sense.

Then I felt a little hesitant about asking the agents to run a search for cash buyers, but again I kept my focus on success and just did it. Too, today was a beautiful day along the shore of Lake Michigan where we live. I thought to myself at one point, I'd rather be outside at the beach or working in the garden, but then I thought about my priorities, what do I really want. I thought about my big WHY and continued doing what I had to do to become a successful investor. This is going to work because I'm going to make it work.

I am so glad to be a part of this community. Reading everyone's posts, whether from newbies like me or seasoned investors, keeps me on track. Thanks to all.

Getting Deals

Hi. I am a member since February of last year and I must admit this is great news..these posts are great. Dean's books are really something to be cherished.

I've been without descent work far too long.

A post from STU recently is just the begining of what happens when you go and do what others only hear about.

I think tomorrow morning will be quite different for me..
I will let you all know.

I know just the agent I want to talk to.



'Fortune Favors The Bold', Francis Lambert

A new beginning again

Years ago I saw Dean for the first time during a hard time in my life. After countless shows and everyone selling something and useless information bogging me custody court and leaving abuse I was ready to quit but, I already said I was going to see this man so one more time. I watched Dean took mental notes mad because, I didn’t bring pen and paper. I was a mess. The moment that changed my life forever Dean held up a book and said “it is as easy as taking this book out of my hand”. My mind said grab it but, my body didn’t move. I learned the most important lesson I didn’t have mind set to win at anything but, I could it was there in me. Three later I was setting on a $500 house and living in house with a great option to buy. I let another bad relationship and stress take my dreams away. A few years later after more bad times I took my mind back. It took years and a lot of mistakes but, thanks to Dean I took the journey and found my healthy mind set. Last fall I was ready to learn again, Dean never came to my mind. I was looking for information so my wonderful husband and I could flip our first house together. Then I saw Dean and cried because all these years it was he’s words, how he wanted us to win and by us winning he won. I still recall he’s tell of starting out and how it gave a new light.
Thank you,
You saved me


Genie Fox

May I offer advise

First, I want to say I would feel the same way. I found cold calls are great! You’re not trying to buy anything. The price doesn't matter try a few that are way out of your range just to feel good and pretend you really have the means for that one. It is a great way to feel better, learn how people react and how to react back to them. If I am going to do something new I find it easier to test drive my mind like a new car. I want to feel good in a dress I never think look good even if others say I do. So me I put on silly clothes put on clown makeup on and walk around a store. You wouldn’t believe how good that dress feels next time I put it on.


Genie Fox

Being illegal

I don't know about where you live but, It sounds like there is a good chance the way you went about it may be. I will have to check again to find out where to look but, in some places you have to be licsened as a realtor or other provisions there are ways around this if it is the case. I will post when I find it. Remember when things get in your way it is great opportunity to be creative and grow nothing is impossible if you don't give up.


Genie Fox

Day 3 time

Today I was fitting in time to read and make a real go at things. Last fall ran out of money to finish house. It took me this long to start reading missed first show not missing him again!Down loaded book. I'm getting ahead start this time. Mistakes love them no true time was wasted a lot of learning and over coming. Funny still no time husband had heart attack found out he was diabetic. Must be doing something right the devil is attacking so I must be going the right way or wouldn't spend so much time putting things in my way. Late nights make great quit time to read last night and this morning made it to page 88 and can't wait to read more. I have my charms that reminds me even if nothing else gets done time for the kids is just our time and it's not time wasted but, well spent. Being in the moment was hard for me to achieve with so many worries but, I am getting better at it every day. Smoking is a big problem for me today I truly believe for the first time I am done. Yeah more money and better health I can do this!


Genie Fox

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