Useful Websites

Useful Websites

I found a few websites that may be helpful in your search for investments.,, and These websites save you alot of time in offering majority of the properties information.

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Monique Guerrero

Here is another good one


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Thanks for the sites, Monique.

I bid on a WilliamsAuctions house in our town a couple of months ago. They must have a very good base of viewers, because there were around 30 people at that auction, which I thought was a great turnout. Only a few of us were serious bidders, but Williams had started the bid at $10,000 and ended up selling for $102,000. Pretty good price for right now.


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thanks Monique

This great information, some of the sites I had heard of but, I was unaware of and a few other ones. It is important to have all good resources when you are getting started.


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brand new

hello to everyone, my name is brien and i am brand new at this, where do i begin. what the best thing for me to do first.


brien mellinger

heres some ideas

First thing you should do is buy deans books they will help you out a lot...
They well tell you what type of property to buy they will show you different way to buy property with no money down and with bad will teach how to market to buyer sellers and investors and much more...

But if your trying to avoid buying the book which is a bad idea the first thing is to find out if you can afford a house....

Then you can figure out which route you want to take from there...

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