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Property values expected to rise

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Hard Money Funding , Private Money Funding

I came across a company that do Residential and Commercial Financing. Private Money Funding, Hardmoney Fundng, Regular Funding, Business Loans, and a Residenial NO MORTGAGE PAYMENTS EVER PROGRAM.


Hard money funding, Private $ funding

Have you or anyone else done business with any of these lenders? Good or Bad experience? What are the websites to good, honest hard/private lenders that someone has actually used and did not get burned??


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thanks for the tip on RealBusinessloans so I'll check them out...that's what I need , Michael

Has anyone actually used a hard money lender yet?

I've been researching HML's forever, it seems like. Has anyone been able to find lenders that will finance 100%, or is that totally dead like everyone keeps telling me. I am going to contact two tomorrow to see what I can come up with. Let me know if anyone has any good advice.

Oh, has anyone ever used a bank to finance, then a HML for the down payment?


Try looking at a company

This thread looks like it

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This thread looks like it has stopped. I would be interested in knowing if anyone has used RealBusinessloans.com and if they are legit. Are their links a good way to find REO properties? Or are their better ways?

FYI....I have called RealBusinessLoans.com

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and they do not do residential hard money loans.

Only commercial! At least now...in Nov. 2009...I realize this thread has been going for awhile!

Just saving you time!

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