I just put in two offers on 2 4-plex units in Mobile. 150K for both. Thats 8 2/1 units with rents around 600.00, renter paid utilities except H2O. They sit side by side and if anyone is interested let me know. Investment/Equity partners always welcome.

equity partner

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What did u have in mind?

Equity partner

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Well I dont need ny on this project but I would like to find investors that would be willing to work together on projects and either split equity equally meaning investing equally or taking a share of said equity in property in exchange for cash i.e 10% or 30% etc. I am primarily doing this with 4-plex units or small commercial properties.

Equity Partner

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I am just starting out but I would be interested in going in with some other investors on some property! I am in Montgomery Al buying tax foreclosures.B ham is growing also!

Equity Partner

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Hi Anita,
sounds like you did your homework in the area for growth potential. I have just signed my first contract on rehab here in Jersey, (very excited) but would definitely be interested in investing outside my area as well. How do you intend to manage and maintain the properties?


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I plan on using a well established and trusted property management company local to the area. Maintenance will be taken care of by my brothers who are all licensed contractors and live near properties

down south

any one intersted in investing in multi- family and single family homes in pensacola fla.

I looking to arrange contract assignments to investors.

Also looking for equity partners

Equity Partners


I will be in your area the last week of June and would be interested in discussing things with you. You contact me at dww_50@**** and we can arrange a time and place to link up.


Down South

I am interested in multi-family properties in pensacola Fl. Can you send me information that you have on this.
Also, would you have information on multi-housing in St.Petersburg?

Email me at jhughes34@****

Thank you.

you may think

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about joining the SOUTHERN INVESTORS group on here. Look under groups to the left of the page


To all Southern Investors,

I will be in the Pensacola area the last week of June and would like to get together with anyone interested in partnering on deals and learning about potential investments in Florida, Alabama, NC, and other southern states. I am a 3rd generation Floridian but currently live in North Carolina and will be bringing investment opportunities from my area to show those that can make it. Regardless of whether deals are made or not, the networking alone will be worth the time.
Hope to see you there!



I am leaving the 27th of june to go to south carolina.

Will you be here before then I would love to talk to you.

duplex for sale

duplex plus efficency apartment for sale.
pensacola fl

bringin in 1900 a month.


anyone intersted


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