Success is only achieved by action!

I have been self employed my entire life. If there is one thing that I know it is business. I graduated high school in 1988 and two months later graduated from a local 2-yr college with a degree in Sociology I went on to get another Bachelors degree in Computer Science from UCLA and a Bachelors from University of Mobile, AL in Business Administration and an associates in Paralegal Admin.

I have owned and successfully operated a number of businesses, which included a legal document service, clothing stores, Private investigation firm, notary public, Cellular Phone Stores (eight) and a computer consulting agency for 12 years. I sold ALL of them for profit with the exception of the consulting agency which I still operate on a daily basis.

I know business and now I am taking my thorough knowledge of business into the investment realm and again - I will succeed again. If I don't I will just revamp and start again. It never pays until you get it right.

I started REI with my family (parents and brothers and sisters) over 15 years ago but I mostly handled the legal end of things. I am not looking to invest in multi-family properties and/or large single family homes and use some of the as sober living facilities and in-house drug and rehab facilities. I purchased Dean's book approximately one month ago First of April) and I have done assigns and lease purchases and finders fees - within that month. I tout the book as a great success and I hope to take full advantage of all that I can learn from Dean as well as this site.


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