Property Rehab

Property Rehab

If you have questions about rehab or construction problems ask them here. Please look to make sure your question is not there before you ask and add plenty of details when asking. There may be codes and permits that are city oriented so please check to make sure you keep them in mind when making any changes to your project. When completing these tasks please keep in mind saftey of yourself, others and property around you. Lets keep this forum clean and uncluttered. Good luck everyone in all of your projects and in everything else you strive to achieve!!!


Asbestos Shingles

How much would removal cost to remove asbestos shingles from a 1400sq/ft roof and replace? And what would be involved? Would that removal have to be supervised by any sort of authorities? Please advise


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I know in my area hiring a licensed asbestos remover to remove and dump the single siding off a 1900 sqf house cost around 10K. Now I can do it yourself and take it to a dump in NJ yourself, for pennies.



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I believe that Hazco is correct but you may want to check with your local EPA about disposing of them correctly. If you want to remove them yourself look into purchasing a roofing spade. They are very easy to use, and it takes hardly any muscle to complete the process. The end of the spade has teeth on it that will remove the nails, and it is also designed so that all you do is push in underneath the shingles and push down. I removed a roof that was approx 6 squares (approx 550 feet I think) by myself in about 3 hours and the roof was steep. It is also a city ordinance just about everywhere here in Illinois that you must be certified to install a new roof, unless you are the homeowner. Even though I am a contractor, I can not install a roof unless I do it under someone elses liscence, but if you own the homeowner you should have no problems. If you wish to do it yourself, rent a coil roofing nailer and button tool, it is worth its weight in gold when completing the project. Good luck with the project and good luck to everyone else, keep up the great work!!!

Double shingled roof

I am writing up the property evaluation and timing for a rehab of a 2200sq ft home that has two layers of shingles on the roof. Neighbor tells me that the previous owner, just bought shingles and longer nails add did it himself. Not knowing how roofing actually works.... those 4 year old shingles are blowing off and curling up in the Iowa harsh weather.

I want to do it right and start from the bare wood roof. Any ideas of what I am going to run in to, except the obvious xtra debris from the bad doubled layer?

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Very difficult to give cost

Very difficult to give cost esimates. They are very much a local issue.

replacing a roof

It's hard to say exactly what you are going to find under that double layer roof. I see why some people put on a layer on top of others (waste disposal), but here's the thing. Roofs are made to breath, so what I'm guessing is the decking; ie. the either plywood or solid wood, may be soft and need to be replaced. If the roof was in bad shape previously and he just covered it, then you are going to have to fix the things that he should of. Be carefull when walking up there because if you find a soft spot you may fall through. Check in the attic and see if you can tell if there are any bad spots that may be soft, and at the same time see if you can tell if there were any other parts of the trusses or beams that are bad. He may have just put bandages on things. It's like putting a small bandage on something that needs stiches on your body. Either you have an expensive repair job, or this guy just did a bad job on installing the new roof. Don't go cheap and skimp by. Remember, you have a ton more money underneath that roof, and if it fails you'll spend more fixing problems. Sorry for the long message, but this is not an area that needs to be taken lightly. Good luck everyone and keep up the great work!

Thanks, jd.

for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience. Everyone will benefit!


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Your very welcome. I enjoy doing this. We all share and I get very good information back and forth and I like to give my 2 cents. Thank you all for all of your comments and concerns and keep up the great work. I know that everyone has it in them to succeed, so dig down and find it and make it happen. Goood luck!!!

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