Business Names

Business Names

I want to see what people are calling their real estate business across the country. So tell us what your business name is, and if you wish why you named it so.
Here is an example. I like to use positive reinforcement and positive words. Pretty much saying I strive to use words like working on or making it work instead of can't or try or something like that. Your mind is a powerful tool, so sharpen it all the time and make it sharper. So, I tell myself all the time certain words so that I make my subconsious believe it, so inturn it will come out of me that way. I had a guy tell me that he was told as a kid that he was an ass. So when he grew up he believed that he was and ass, and that he wasn't worth anything. So use words to sharpen that and eventually illiminate those negative words that your subconsious believes it and you will act in such way. So heres the end of my speel.

Wishcot Properties is what I'm planning on calling my business.


So lets open it up and see the results