New Conference Call Scheduled May 28th! - COMPLETED

Listen to the call at

I don’t know about your city, but man... it’s getting hot in AZ!

Has the change in weather helped spark some new excitement and new desire for some HOT new changes in your real estate success?

If so, then buckle your seat belts because we have a live training call coming up Wednesday, May 28th at 9:00 PM EST that is going to sizzle like an egg on an Arizona sidewalk!

OK, that was a little hyped up, but I am truly more excited about the upcoming live training call this month then ever before.


Well, if you have had the chance to check out then you know it has absolutely exploded with user content. Basically fellow students sharing techniques, capabilities, secrets, inspiration and best of all ... real world help and encouragement!
It is such an amazing feeling for me to go there and see so many of you profiting from real estate and changing your life forever. It’s even better to see so many folks taking time out of their busy day to help others.

When you ordered my book you may not have known it but you joined a family. (A cool family that doesn’t drive you nuts).

And we want you to prosper in such a big way. We are going to do everything we can to help you achieve your personal goals.

About this months call.

What I’ve done is recognized some of the top posters on the site who have also overcome their own personal fears, lack of money, obstacles and in some cases family and friends who told them they couldn’t do it.

They overcame it all, stayed positive, made their first deal happen and are now sharing their secrets that allowed them to succeed.

Well one person in particular has done all of that. In fact she knocked out her first 3 deals pretty quick, with no money down, by thinking outside the box and taking action. She is an inspiration to so many and continues to help whomever she can with what she has discovered so they can reach their goals as well.
So on June 28th at 9:00 EST time I will have her on the phone with me live, sharing how she went from Zero to Hundred Miles an hour with all the same obstacles that so many other people face.

I have also asked her to prepare an easy assignment for you so you can follow in her footsteps and be on your way to gaining the confidence, capabilities and direction to get in your first deal.

Folks, there has never been a better time to make money in real estate. So seize the moment.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

You can register for this call at

-Dean Graziosi

P.S. Remember as always our phone system can only handle the first 2000 people who register and show up. Every month we max out the lines so make sure to register your spot now!

P.P.S – You should check out my newest blog post at before the call under the title “Fake it Until You Make It” and my new video blog called “Deal of the Month” at

What about a conference call to Washington State?

Greetings dgadmin:

I'm pretty new to this site and I'm more than ready to get involved in this foreclosure business with Mr. Graziosi and his Organization. My Minister has informed me about this and I purchased Mr. Graziosi's book a few weeks ago in Tacoma,Washington and both of us are "pumped" to get started here. I'm itching to find out if you're going to have a conference call in Washington State? If so, please DO NOT hesitate in telling me so because we're ready to make it happen in our State, thank you.

Mr. Saddiq

Rina's picture

You will be happy to know that this call is for everyone, nationwide (worldwide for all I know Smiling ). All you have to do is register to be one of the 2,000 people to join in. I can't guarantee there are any spots left. It fills up fast! But if you would like to listen in on the call, register at It will be EXCITING!
And also, like Dean said above, check out his other sites.
Hope you are able to join us! I've been looking forward to Dean's live call all month. Smiling Remember, May 28th at 9:00 PM EST. I believe you can start calling in around 8:30.
By the way, welcome to the family!


Allright, I truly thank you

Allright, I truly thank you for taking the time out to informing me about the time and the date of the events would take place. I'll be right there to get in the groove of things and give my Minister the "heads up" also. Again, thank you for the information, well the welcoming me to this fold,too.

Mr. Saddiq