Take a look at CNNMoney.com!

Take a look at CNNMoney.com!

There are some interesting articles in the RE section; Places to live - Top 100 and why.

Also Where homes are affordable, there are 50 listed. These are based on 2006 but they tell you the Median family income and the medium house prices for that area. Very surprising in many cases!

There are some other articles of interest as well; Where the jobs are , 25 top-earning towns and Where the singles are. Hmmmmmmm........

At this location:



CNN Money

This site is very educating. I always find it fascinating to note studies performed on areas of varying interest.

Another site of similar value is the Forbes.com site or http://www.forbes.com/2009/01/29/cities-top-ten-lifestyle-real-estate_01...

While it is nice to have statistics put nicely in front of us, the fact is stats can be manipulated to meet whatever needs we may have. Some cities lobby more than others for exposure and this may reflect what is presented on these pages...

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