A personal Thank You From Dean G

A personal Thank You From Dean G

Hello all

I woke up this morning still buzzing from this weekends EDGE event. It was truly something magical. Something that will be very hard for me to explain to anyone who was not there.

If you were not able to make it, that's ok.. Stay focused, absorb, learn, take action and get moving towards your first deal. You have access to all you need to make it happen. I am surely not trying to make anyone who was not able to attend feel bad;-)

BUT, for for those who did attend I truly want to say thank you again for being the moist amazing group of people I have ever been around. Imagine 250 people in a room - all with the same vision, same goals and same positive energy. That's what this weekend was and so much more.

To any new dgers as this site been labeled, Welcome, enjoy, engage and realize you are at the greatest site on the planet for people helping people.

for those of you who came to the EDGE I feel like my friend list just grew by 250;-))

Sort al that you learned, pick a few you love, don't get overwhelmed and don't let anyone talk you off the high you are on and your desire to build a better lifestyle. You can do it and I want to hear about it on stage next year;-)

Warmest wishes to you all


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We really appreciate you and your staff taking the time to organize such a tremendous event! From start to finish it was an A++++ event! The EDGE is truly a moving experience for all that attend. Each day you learn more than you can imagine and have the ability to network with such like minded people. It gets you so energized, rather than riding that roller coaster feeling, its more like blasting off in the space shuttle, because you keep going higher and higher.

The EDGE 2009 will always be something that is very special to Stacey and I because that event changed our lives! It is so hard to believe that the EDGE 2010 was even better! It turned our burning desire for real estate investing into a raging inferno! Thank you for all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey


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Dean, So many great things are going to come out of this weekends EDGE EVENT. Jeremy and I were so proud to be a part of it. Just a quick note to say MANY, MANY, THANKS. It is an honor to call you a friend....Jan

Thank you Dean


Thanks to you, your staff, and your speakers. As promised it is full of meat and potatoes as promised. At the end of the event you asked what our "ah-ha" moment was. I had a hard time picking just one, there was so much great information and every speaker provided a "nugget" or "tool" that we could put to use, or mix to make our own recipe. But I think I have to say, the greatest part of the event was the opportunity to meet the "DG Family". I have only been on here for 6 brief months, but I feel as if I have know some of these people for a lifetime and I look forward to becoming close friends with many of them!

I was especially impressed that you and your wife took the time to meet everyone, to sign books/journals and take photos. I was most impressed that you recognized me from the posts that I have put on here. Just by be around you and all the fellow DGers you can not help but succeed, it is contagious!

PS...for all of you that were concerned (especially Randy) I made it safely to the airport even though I shared a ride with Jan, and no there were no midgets in the trunk, even though I am not sure what that means! Laughing out loud


... Verses: 35 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 ...



The Edge was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I am still flying high and not sure I am coming down any time soon..LOL!!

You are the one who is awesome!!! Thank you for changing so many lives and giving so many people a vision for their future.

The EDGE EVENT 2010 was absolutely powerful and life changing!!!!!

Thank you with all of my heart for all that you have done not only in my life but the lives of so many others!!!!



Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

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To your success,
Carol Stinson

Next year

it is CERTAIN I will be there! Laughing out loud I'm sure it was incredible!


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Edge 2010

Hey just wanted to share my ah ha moment. I did not really have the ah ha moments until I had a little bit of tome to digest what I had just expereanced. While I was on the plane this morning I got it. I have the tools in the tool box, I am the only one who is around here to pull the tools out to start building my future. As nice as it would be to have someone else right here to walk by me step by step it just is not going to happen. The people on the stage this past weekend had the guts to pull the tools out and use them. I have the desire and I am going to develpe the guts, to experement with the tools and start building my family security. I know when ever I have tried something new that I usually put the project together wrong at some point of the prosess, and I ussually take things apart and make it right. This only requires some time and the end result is always sucsessful. I have the blue print! I have the couches! I have some bigtime role models! I will do this and I will be a sucsessful realestate invester.
Thanks for the great experiance this past weekend.

The Edge and Amazing ride home

The Edge event was a life changing event for us this weekend. We went hoping for a little knowledge and came away with truly life changing knowledge. We both stepped so far out our comfort zone and were met with such support and encouragement it is unexpressable. Following Joe and Staceys lead we worked on our plan on our return flight We were SO excited!!! A women sat next to me and was reading She kept reaching up to tap the light,which kept flashing on and off, I commented that I thought it was a little creepy that it happened to be a Steven King Novel and the lights flashing. We started chatting about what brings you to Phonix or are you leaving etc normal get to know you stuff. She told me she had just been forced to retire. I said you are so lucky I wish I could retire She said it was kind of boring but that they had made it worth her while she had gotten a large severence I thought AHH Private Money Lender!!! I introduced myself to her and got her first name Still being so excited about the Edge I started telling how this was my first time in Phoniex Airport- my second time flying ever all the while thinking I need to give her a card and ask if she needed a good place to invest her severence money I was so scared but I tried to be confident. Meanwhile Richard had pulled out Deans newest book and started reading I turned to Richard and asked him for a card I gave her the card and said I have met so many wonderful real honest people at this event that could help you invest your retirement money here is our business card if this is something you think you might be interested in call any time I would like to talk with you She read our card and on our card we have the line We buy-sell and rent proprties She said in this economy?! I said people are doing it every day and I have just learned some amazing ways to get it done To my surprize She then told me her father passed away 4 years ago and her brother and her inherted his home in Wisconsin several miles away and it has been vacant since (I'm trying not to jump right out of my seat Now I thinking motivated seller) We talked Dean up big Now Richard joined the conversation and told her that we may be interested in buying that house or knew someone from this group that probably would in 30 days We got down some information She said she would talk to her brother and call the end of the week Now not doing a deal yet I am asking for HELP When we got to O'hare airport we franticcally searched our papers for a coaches number. We had Kathy L's card I even left her a voice message I needed some guidence fast I'm sure I made a lot of mistakes It is 2am here in Michigan We can't talk to a coach until 10 am Tuesday We need someone to help us sort this out and let us know if we are going the right direction Any suggestions??? I am Kathy from Michigan

A New Place


I think your going to have to find a new location for the EDGE next year. How bout you set a goal to fill the Arizona stadium!


... Verses: 35 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 ...

The Edge


Thank you so much for putting the event on!
It was the Outward Bound of RE. What I mean by this is Outward Bound (or any other program like it) the whole goal is to use the wilderness as a vehicle to propel one to the next level. One is removed from their "comfort zone", challenge doing something you thought you would/could never do, taught the skills through excitement, fear, laughter, tears and knowledge, coming out the other side knowing you can do anything and leaving with such personal connections and hope for the future your life is changed forever. It is all embedded in your head, heart and soul and there is nothing left to do but apply each level to your life and nowhere to go but up.

You are truly an amazing man!

Dean - The Edge was Incredible!

Thank you Dean, and to your hard-working staff - every one of them, for putting on an incredible event. What a whirlwind! Can't believe it is over, and counting down the days until the next one! Chris is right about that stadium. While the event IS HUGE now, I see this reaching unparalleled levels in the next several years, and hope we can always keep the "DG family" feel of the event like this one had, no matter how big it gets in the future.

You are continuing to change lives by the second, and may your blessings reach a level you've never seen before --you really stay true to the responsibility of giving back, and I will always admire you for it.

Thank you for all you do. And for all you put into this event!


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what an EXCITING weekend at the edge!! everything from the firesky resort to the wonderful dgers to the amazing staff!! this weekend was truly an experience i want to duplicate over and over !! i loved meeting and spending time with all the like minded positive people.the speakers were great.
I want to state that for anyone who has not had the privelage of meeting dean grasiosi they are missing out on something very special in there lives.not only do you [dean] teach and guide us as students but i seen first hand at the edge event your love of life and gratefulness to help others succeed as you have.you REALLY care for others .I am honered and glad to be a part of dg.com ,the edge event and continued success with your team of unbelievable integrity !! IT was great to meet you and your family.
my next goal is to be up on stage next year at your next event!!!
ps: thanks for the grateful tips on the way home aboard the plane i made 1 neg comment and my wife wanted me to first say 3 things i was grateful for!!!!!!! which i did


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sorry dean i know its GRAZIOSI !!!! HIT A WRONG KEY
please let your staff know they did a tremendous job . thanks again


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Need me to FINANCE a home ? http://www.jaysrenttoown.com
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Edge 2010

Thank you so much for a fantastic event. It was truly inspiring and a lot of fun. Also, actually meeting the successful students and you in person was wonderful. Conrad and I were so impressed with everyone's down-to-earth demeanor, positive attitude and encouragement. One of the first things Conrad said to me this morning was "have you made your list yet?". Thanks to all the staff and the people who attended. I'm so grateful that we were able to come.
Katie Taplin


katie taplin

Thanks Dean, for everything,

Thanks Dean, for everything, your words of positive wisdom were as much value as your teachings,because without the right mind set you cant achieve your goals.
Thanks for everything to you and your entire AAA+ staff.
I WILL be talking to you on stage next yr.

Next Year

I want to there in 2011. I should say we will be there. I am so glad to here about all the good things DGers have said about the EDGE event.

Steve and Veronica.

All I can say is if you

All I can say is if you couldnt make it this yr for whatever reason. Make sure you make it next year. Start saving now and you will be there, it will be worth it!! But you have to go home and take action with all you learn.

You can have anything you want in life,as long as your willing to work for it because no one is going to hand you anything for free.

Never EVER give up

p.s. Thanks for the comment Dean Eye-wink