3rd Party Financing

3rd Party Financing

What does everyone think about prosper.com? Dean could you also chime in, I would like your professional opinion.

Darren - DE


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I know

What I know is that I signed up on prosper.com over 2yrs ago nd I I got was credit and finance offers from everyone under the sun. I could never get in contact with anyone regarding a REAL situation or offer and the I found out that when you post a deal or offer on there for investors, it miraculously disappears after a few day and then you see same deal reappear under someone else's name.


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I think for the most part it's too expensive for RE transactions. These are unsecured credit transaction with (mostly) VERY high interest rates costs and small loan amounts.

However.. if you can contact someone offline and see about setting up a series of private investor agreements, that would be well worth doing.