charles cotter - real estate broker


thankyou for taking a look.

well, just to let you know,
i have been in the real estate
business for over 30 years.

i grew up on a cotton farm in gilbert
arizona. when my parents sold the farm
to a home builder, i had to go find work,
so i became a real estate agent.

at first i sold large parcels of land and did
pretty good. i had my license with bogle land
investments in chandler, arizona. the boogle
family are the 8th largest land holders in the

i then decided to become my own real estate broker
in the late 80's.

well, we had a big bust in 1986 and i ended up
selling houses, just to survive, as i so thought.
but really investing in homes is a pretty good
way to build your wealth in real estate.

i have been involved in over 500 deals.

mostly buying and selling for my own accout.
yet i have done a lot with investors ( friends )
and my own children, who are now in the real
estate business.

as dean will tell you, we real estate people
think it is never going to end, but it does.

my last land deal (i was the developer ) was $15,000,000. i ended up loosing $7,000,000.
now i work for a company as a buyer of homes.
i mainly buy homes in the price range of $8,000.
to $15,000. the company i buy for then resells
these homes to end users for $32,000. to $60,000.
basically, we buy for cash and sell on easy terms.

if i can help any of you with info, i would be
willing to do so, i am 60 years old and have 30 years
of real estate experience, buying and selling land
and homes, i even did a $30,000,000. shopping center
deal ( just once - north east corner of higley and
guadalupe rds, gilbert, arizona )of course i am looking
for real estate opportunities, i to bought deans course
mainly for the energy and i can attitude that dean puts
out, i remmeber when i first got started with the bogle
family, they gave me a desk and a phone and said, go do it, i merely would call everybody and say "what have you got, that you would like to sell", if they
said danada, i would then say "what have you got, that you would like to buy", it was not long till i had a list of buyers and sellers. the first year i was with the bogle family i made $280,000. just off of commissions.

well, good luck, keep your chin up, we can do it again, lets just get out there and do it, ( you can tell dean is a good man - god bless him )

charles cotter
real estate broker
480 279-0752