Black Mold Impacts

Black Mold Impacts

I have just looked at an REO foreclosure property with a big problem Toxic Black Mold in the basement. Will this impact the resale value of the home??


Toxic Black Mould

You can find out everything about toxic black mould by reading the information at this site:

All Around The House (TM) wrote:
These molds can be found anywhere that dark and dank conditions permit them to grow. When you try to kill them, they take to the air, spreading with no forethought to the damage they can cause. They’re just trying to survive. And they’re good at it.

From all I have read it can be a real issue as it is dangerous to live with and if this mould comes from leaking pipes or other water seepage it may be expensive. You would be best to check out the source of this mould to see if it is a real financial and otherwise burden to deal with. Getting rid of it can be a big job too!

Read all the info on this site to better know what it will take to get rid of it.



Toxic Black Mold

Thanks Deb,

Does a property with Toxic Black Mold have to be reported and put on the public record?? Making it more difficult to resale??



Reports of mold at a property have to be included in the notes of a listing in our area. I don't know about public record, but I'm guessing yes. It is a major concern.


P.S. Deb, thanks for the good info.


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