Estimate Renovation Cost Spreadsheet

Estimate Renovation Cost Spreadsheet

Hey all I wanted to share an excel doc I made for keeping track of the repair cost and figuring out what your offer should be. This is one from an actual house that I placed an offer on.

(offer not accepted Sad )


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Cost Spread Sheet

Thanks for sharing the spread sheet. I am a "new" student and enjoy getting a lot of info to study. I am working on my first offer and it is quite scary. Got any tips??


I was scared on every single deal I've done, because each one had different obstacles I had to overcome, but I did! Even though I made mistakes and didn't ask the right questions, I learned from each deal. Just look at it as a learning experience, the more deals you do the better you'll get. Most importantly, I learned that when you build a good repoire with the sellers, they are actually very understanding and patient with you because they trust you. Just ask the mentors and superstars here if you need any help along the way, they are awesome people, they respond quickly and have so much knowledge and experience to share with you!
Best of luck to you,
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