Center City Philadelphia

Center City Philadelphia

Hello everyone,
Anyone familiar with investment properties in center city Philadelphia?



Here's a link to the website for an investment club that I've attended in southern jersey. The majority of the attendees did their business in the Philly area. You may be able to network thru their website.

Thank You

Thanks for the information on RING network. I am from Marlton, New Jersey.
How's the investment club meeting? Was it informative?
Thank you in advance,

RING Meeting

I'm in Lumberton myself. I actually got a lot more out of being around like minded people and networking than the speakers. I'm not saying that it's not worth it, in regards to the speaker, but there are a wide variety of people that attend these meetings i.e; lenders, other investors and realtors.

My wife and I are realtors, so if you need anything in our department, shoot me an email. mrynesdad1@****


hi Rob

I am so glad to see you guys out there networking like that. I live in the desert so I dont have that kind of opportunity unless I go into Los Angeles, so I wish you well and much success.


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Hello Anita

I heard you on a conference call last month. Wish you a much success with your
endeavor. You are a true inspiration.

Rob, Good to hear you reside

Good to hear you reside near Marlton! Have you invested in any pre-foreclosure or REO homes? Oh by the way, any crazy chance your wife name is Laura Houseworth? Looking at your family picture and area of Lumberton, reminded my wife of someone she knows! Anyway thanks for your input.

Pre-forclosure and REO


I haven't spent any serious time with pre-forclosures yet, mainly because I'm not sure how I can help without any cash flow in my business yet.

I have dealt a little bit with REO's. I think the key to those, as referenced in Dean's training material is, to get to them before the bank lists them with a realtor. Another obstacle that my wife and I haven't hurdled yet in regards to REO's is, all the banks we've wanted to deal with so far, require a proof of funds letter (which we don't have). We're continuing to work on the proof of funds issue.

Being realtor's, the majority of the properties that we've put offers in on, are off of the MLS system.

LOL, no, we are not the Houseworth's, sorry. We've a military family and have only lived in New Jersey for about 2 years. Now if your wife knows someone from Delaware, chances are my wife would know them!

I look forward to hearing from you again.


small world

your actually pretty close to me, i live about 45 minutes away from philly, in the suburbs(pottstown area), SULLY.



It sure is small world

Hi Sully,
I know Pottstown area! It is nice to know some of us are not that far away from
one another. I have read some of your informative messages. Thank you!
Maybe we can form a somekind of local network group.
Thanks for the response.


Thanks for the response. As you mentioned on the previous message, the properties that are off the MLS system, what exactly does that mean? Have you used It will be great, if we can form a local network group. For now I am looking for an investment property to rent, until the market condition improves. What are your plans? As always, thanks for your response.


west? Thought you were futher than that? Used to work with a guy from W. pottstown....Little long haired know it all...


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nice, D.....

yeah D, i'm actually from royersford, which is like 7-8 minutes from pottstown(a little nicer area), yeah D, i know what your saying, theirs a lot of know it alls form pottstown, lol, SULLY. Sticking out tongue



to hyunwook96....

the MLS is: MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE: it's a listing service that realtors use to list homes for sale, ONLY realtors can access the information on this service,i would say it's probably the MAIN reason why we need realtors, so we can run COMPS and look up other useful info, like how many days the homes been on the market, property specs, etc., YOUR HERO, SULLY.





I think Sully already beat me to the punch on what the MLS system is, but I'll put my own little spin on it.

When a Realtor has a client that is selling their property, the realtor will list the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is the system all realtors use to inform other realtors of properties they are selling, kind of like real estate classifieds that only realtors have access to.

If you want us to start for properties for you, shoot me an email and we'll help you out.



is great for advertising to the realtors and general public.....BUT remember how realtors work! If you are not offering atleast 3% to the seller agent THEY WONT BE SHOWING your property that much!!!

just FYI....


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hey newbie here

I am from philly and actually travel back and forth from Abington pa, my bf and I just registered for Dean's program and I am almost done reading one of his books. I am very excited to know many ppl have used his strategies and are doing well. Now what should I expect going into real estate? IS purchasing the Dean program really helpful? We dont have much money to get started so I want to know are assigments the way to go? How about auctions, think I cant get a good deal for less than $10,000? Any comments or helpful hints anyone?


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i am also fairly new to the program and live in center city. there are so many properties here, and several different areas, but i really am not sure exactly how to get started. anyone have any ideas? i am trying to build my buyers' list so i can start making moves on all these properties.

anyone interested in joining forces, trying to make a solid future?

peace and love

Southern New Jersey

I am new to the program and just finished reading the books. Can anyone direct me to a good realtor in Southern NJ? I have a property in my neighborhood that I am really interested in, but not sure how to start.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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