sold a house and made a killin

sold a house and made a killin

Hi i am from washington D.C and i sold a house for 330,000. Paid 275,500 back in 2004, made a profit of 54,500.00. My aunt is a realtor and i gave her 6,000 for her assistance, she didn't want that much money from me and Just wanted to share my deal, came out good total profit 48,500. Not to bad. I plan to flip more. Now i am checking into reo's.



That is great. And you have a Realtor you can trust too. Keep it up and post more on your deals we would love to hear it.


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I made that amount on my very first deal too! Isn't it the greatest feeling when you get a check for that amount? I literally laughed all the way to the bank... LOL! Keep up the great work.
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uuuhhhh, yeah....

thats great but, how would that be considered a "FLIP" if he bought the property in 2004?, i mean, that was 4 years ago?, i would call that a BUY & HOLD property?, SULLY.



good deal...

buying and renovating primary residence then selling after 2 years to keep ALL profits is the way some invest in real estate......nothing wrong with it at all. If you can get away with moving every two years GO FOR IT!!! But folks with kids jobs wife..can't be moving all the time!

I think anyone able to move around should do this!


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Thanks, I plan to keep movin on up. Got another in the making now. Will keep you posted. Yeah definately a realtor i can trust, she's blood. Ya know what i mean?


yes it is an awesome feeling, lovin life.

uuuhhhh, yeah

still all good right???????????????????????. Makin money and that's all that matters in rei. whatever terms one may use. So many rei sites out their, combine all and you have something in the making. I just love investing, plain n simple.

good deal

Yeah, I have my primary residence now and am looking into reo's and whatever else comes my way, I agree 100% about moving kids around. I have kids myself and they love their portion too. LOL