found a VA house

found a VA house

ok so i found a good house i think; its a 1,272sqf house asking $89,200. 3 bedrooms 2 bath. its a VA house also. so since im in the army, would that help me out at all? SO. do i contact the agent working the house? this is one of the confusing parts for me. do i tell her i will find a buyer? I just dont know how to start i put an offer on the house and put money down? then write my contract off to somebody else? if this is true would i have to get financing for the house? because i dont know of any banks that would give $89,000 to a 20year old with a part time please


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Check out
Looks like you have to be a veteran or surviving spouse to refi a va loan.




Need a little clarification here. Is the VA home you are hoping to acquire a foreclosure? If so, you do not need to be a veteran. please go to the following website for tons of information on that!

More info on VA

I'm just rather confused as to what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to assign this house to another buyer? Is that why you asked if you needed to contact the sellers agent to tell her you have a buyer?

Are you trying to purchase it for yourself?

You said you were in the Army but only have a part time job, are you full time army?

If you are purchasing the house yourself, you will have to put down some sort of ernest money deposit. This could be as little as 100$ on up to 1000$. Some realtors want you to put up an ernest deposit when you write the contract. I prefer to pay the deposit after the contract has been accepted.

Also, you may want to get your own realtor as the realtor that listed the house is working for the seller. Unless the realtor can get everyone involved to sign a dual agent agreement. However, you also have several options there too.

First things first, though. Please explain the deal a little clearer and include more detail.

Oh, don't let your age bother you. Have CONFIDENCE! Anything can be done, you just have to work a little smarter sometimes when the odds are against you.


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