Lilie's REI journal

Lilie's REI journal

Well I took the plunge I think that will help me to move forward sins I will feel accountable.
7am got up made breakfest
7:30am dropt of my son at the neighbors to go to school dropt my daughter at the sitter
Went to see about the house that is on my way to town is vacant run down was trying to figur out # of the house no neighbors but looked on the left and the right the closesd houses.
8:00am got some caffee called Realtor about some houses that are on the main street no answer try again tomorrow.
After went to look for the assinment deals found one that is empty and one looks like some one lives on the property sins the house is not liveable they got a trailer in the back of the house and that is run down too. Go figure do have good looking cars in the yard though.
11:30 got home looked trough the paper found some good prices need make appt. to look at them and do some research.
4:00 went to get my son from school together went to pick up my baby girl and had some tee with my friend.
5:30 make dinner chek out the
clean up bath the kids read the read with kids and now it is 9:30pm and I stell need to resirch my assinment and I called a Realtor have a interview with him tomorrow.

Boy is that hard to writ so much and in English have to refer to my electronik dictionery and my husband (not so much).


you go lillie!!

Congrats on your journal and I look forward to reading what you post.


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Thanks Anita.

Thanks Anita.


You started your Journal, I'm so happy for you!! Go girl, you're my Superstar!! We're all so glad you're doing it adn you make us ALL so proud!
Keep up the good work ok?

Momma E.Laughing out loud


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Good Job, Lilie!!

You're doing great on your REI and great on your English and spelling! It's a lot of work, but practice makes perfect, like ANYthing. Smiling
It will be exciting to watch your journal.



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11 June 08

Got up 6:30 had some tee and read Deans book

7:00 got the kids ready jumped in the shower had a talk with myself per MammaE's sugestion Ha-ha.

8:45 Left the house went to work went to Toastmasters

1:15 had a interview with my realtor went well.

3:30 came home got some calls my Invester called me with some info about a free workshop on forclusers so had to fix up some dinner in a hurry read true the

5:45 left to go to the workshop hat to drive 45min. that is ok sins I have to drive everywhere that far. Called the couple who are living and want to rent there house talk to them about a sendwich lease thaey have to talk aboudet we will sit down on Fri. or Sat. to see what the # are. Well the workshop was werry interesting lernd a lot they offer cash flow game so I sing myself in gor home @9:49 cleand the kitchen looked what is new on now is 10:45 and I'm done.

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