In Dean's New Book, What Section Would Be Most Important?

Profiting in a down market
16% (30 votes)
Recession real estate strategies
12% (22 votes)
No money down techniques for today's market
30% (57 votes)
Making money with real estate online
14% (27 votes)
Finding and profiting from foreclosures
16% (31 votes)
Finding and profiting from short sales
13% (24 votes)
Total votes: 191

Age of Technology

Elena M's picture

With the internet becoming so popular many investors are finding deals and flipping them online in record time. They never step foot in the properties, can you teach us that?
That's what I'd like to learn, how to do it all from the comfort of your home office!

Been reading and listening

That is so crazy how investors are flipping and wholeselling on line without even going to see the property.We have alot to learn

Online Buying and Flipping

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Now that would be the way to go. Flip houses without ever setting foot in them. That would be interesting to find out how they are doing this.

that seems risky

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to me i would want to see the place first,but hey im learning to open my mind !!!

buying online

It would be so nice to learn how to buy and flip online. The world would be at your fingertips!

Investing out of state....

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The ins and outs? The rules? What ducks do we need lined up prior or during?

Age of tech.

The distance I have to travel,and return home is time consuming. I don't mind working totaly with computer, that would be very interesting. I made several contacts already, I need much assistance to put things together. GC JOHN

Not to mention...

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The high gas prices you pay to drive and see each home, and who the heck wants to go out in 100 degree heat? NOT ME!
Well, I'm not stopping til I learn how to do it all from home, that's MY ultimate goal!

i hope he touches more on no money down

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i hope the new book helps more on no money down tips , to be honest im happy i took the chance and got the two books and learning the things here , im very pleased i just need to keep doing!!!

Hats off to Dean

i just felt the need to comment on the great wealth of information, and continuing access to knowledge that dean,his administrators, and students have come together to provide.the books are an easy read,and everyone involved is extremely willing to lend thier experience and guidance.thanks to everyone for sharing

Welcome sponge...

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We're glad to have you with us, and hope to see more comments from you and all the newcomers!

Technological Age

There is a world of information out there so you have to grab the info that is suited for your situation and take action. Applied knowledge is power. Loria Gathings


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I would definitely have to go with NMD. I'm sure plenty can agree it's nice when you don't have to use your own my and you can still make a nice little chunk of change to toss in your pocket! Am i wrong? Laughing out loud

Secondly would have to go with the Internet. The internet is booming! Look at Ebay all different kinda things come out on the web and sell like crazy. If you don't have the internet you just are missing out on so many opportunities.