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We have a new poll posted. We encourage everyone to submit their vote. We want to know what is going to help you most, and Dean's new book is going to have sections dedicated to what you, the loyal DG community members, would most benefit from and would love to see in the new book.

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Hello!! my name is Alex Espinoza I,ve just recieved the Your book Dean"Be A Real Estate Millionaire"
and I'm excited can't wait to read it.
Thank You !! Dean !!

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Hi my name is Theresa Kippers. I,ve just received your book in becoming a real estate millionaire and I just started reading it this morning. How can I start with absolutely no money down? My last place of employment laid us off work and this is what I've been putting up with for too many years. I am getting to the point that I don't want to work for someone else anymore because I am sick and tired of getting laid off every time a company downsizes. I have been interested in investing in real estate since I was in my late teens and now I am 39 and fixin to be 40 in August of this year. This time I am going to do something instead of sitting around dreaming about it. Thanks Dean.

Welcome Theresa!

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We're glad to have you here, please feel free to ask any questions you have, we're all here to help you along your journey. Finish reading the book, that should answer your question about starting with no money, if not there are posts that address that issue. It's a common question for folks just starting out. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi,everyone my name is Arlene and I am SUPER EXCITED TO BEGIN!! I actually saw Deans advertisement on TV and was answered prayer! I have been a property manager for the last 5 years, but I believe I would benefit more if I managed for myself. The book is awesome!

Uncanny talent for finding empty houses.

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For 2 years I've looked for my dream home with no luck.

During this time, while touring the real estate in my favorite neighborhoods, I've found that I almost always stumble across abandoned homes.

Something about the grass growing between the cracks in the concrete... and without fail, curiosity overcomes propriety, and I become the adventurous window peeper!

Previously, I've wondered how one goes about rescuing these rough gems, but as none of the houses suited my purposes I've left them be.

However in the last three days I've found 5 empty fixer uppers!

And in doing so, it's dawned on me that I need to take another look at Dean's book, (originally purchased for general R/E info.), from a new perspective. So far, the Assigning the Contract section in his Quick Start Guide seems to be the most pertinent content for me.

I love being a Stay At Home Mom. And with my youngest in Kindergarten soon, I'll have a little extra time available.

With that in mind I have signed up here, to further research how I can use my uncanny talent to earn some extra cash for my family!

Any and all comments, thoughts and referrals are welcomed!


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