I just purchased the course. I have the motivation, the desire and the ambition to succeed. The problem is, I have bad credit. I know the basics of the real estate, I owned a house myself once.

I want to start now, not later! Can someone purchase a house with no money down and a bad credit score? I do work and I have someone who is willing to help with the credit even though is not that great either.

Another question, transfer to the investor, what that means? Purchasing a house for 100 and transferring for 100,000. Can someone explain? I am a single mother eager to make it

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Maybe this will help:

I understand exactly where you are coming from so here are some links to posts that may help you get started.

What you may want to do is start out doing referrals (bird dogging). I have attached a post n what that is and how to go about it. I have also attached contracts and other "how to's".

Drop us a line if you have more question, just post them under this post so we know its you.


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