Anybody seen this post?

Anybody seen this post?

**** or More in funding

A while back I remember seeing a post that just stated the above.

So I inquired and just today I received an email from a company called ***A Shady Company***.

It looks to be some sort of program that will set your business up with financing.

Anybody have any knowledge of this? Is it a scam?


Against rules to promote/mention unapproved companies/services/products.


found web site

hey zeek,
found website for them, but if i were you i would check with the BBB, follow up with referrals, etc before diving in. And of course at what price do they finance you, and what terms. Can you reach a human being to aks questions of? Things like that.....Do your homework with everything to protect yourself before making any move.
Good luck!

laura johnson

Thanks for the response,
Ya, I really don't plan on getting involved, just wondering if anyone has heard about them. If and when I talk to a human I will pass on any info.

Word of caution...

Word of caution... there are lots of scammers that show up here that try to slip ads in, some blatant, some discreetly, and prey on our users. We know who they are, they are being tracked.

Do yourself a favor, if they are willing to go as low as to slime our community with their ads, they probably do not deserve any attention paid to them.

In the future, please do not perpetuate the ads by reposting them.

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