how do i get started

how do i get started

Hi, Im new here I just found this site, after watching a segment on t.v. I am very interested in real estate, but im a junior in college I have good credit, but i work a small part-time job i dont know if i can be successful taking on an endeavor like this. Is it possible for me to make some money if im not buying the houses and flipping them, are their other methods to capitalize on deans methods.


Read... search

This question has been asked and answered many times. Search and read here.

Read the above book...

if you haven't already. I am a new investor and I had the same mindset as you - "how do I get started with no money?"
The answers and more are in the book. There are so many ways to do deals - from taking over mortgage payments from the seller then renting the property out, to investing in tax liens and having the delinquent seller pay you with HIGH interest rates (20-30%).
This book changed how I will strategize and structure my deals. Not only that, but Dean does a phenomenal job of motivating you and empowering you to act and not just dream.


Nick Walters
Walters Property Investment Group, LLC

Getting Started

If you want to get your "feet wet" try Assignment of Contract. This concept allows you to find the property, assess the property, make the offer on the property (based on the condition and all costs). If the offer is accepted, you would assign to another end buyer or investor. At that point you would split the profit. You would never own or rehab the property.
Keep in mind for this stratagy, you would have to have a "buyer" pool in place first, so once you have the accepted offer you would call all (first come, first serve)to tell them of the property.


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Just got the book

OK,I’m jumping out of my skin, excited to continue my education in real estate, and put it into action. That said, I think I need some confirmation that I’m going about this in the correct way. My current problem is that I’ve only just began reading the book, yet I’m itching to get started now!. I guess I’m looking for someone to tell me to calm down, and read the book before I take action. Advice?

Determining property fair market value

this may seem like a rather rudementary question, but I guess I will ask anyway. I just finished reading Deans book and he talks about determining the right offer to make on a property. But I am fuzzy on that point. What is the best way for a beginner, like me, to determine what kind of offer to make. any help would be appreciated.

Hi, Jwhitnet

I am new too, just joined the website and academy in Jan 2009. I am learning a lot from Dean's books, online courses and coaching, of course this website. I am still working on my first deal, but I feel I am learning a lot and start to put all the pieces together. It is hard and confusing at the beginning because we have to develop a strategy that fits our own particular financial situation, our local market, etc. But just remember one thing, keep at it, ask questions, never give up, you will soon find a way that works for you. And it is also a constant evolving process, we'll all learn and progress.


Future money started it off just the way i like it...Taking action!
and yes...Evolve in your trade! I have not taken action yet accept
for my desire to learn! I think for me i just have to bet the farm,
put it all on the table.For if you do not have a will;How can you
have a way?


I wish I knew then...

I wish I found this site out 8 years ago when I started investing. This forum is great!

One question about the academy. I have read somewhere that if you close 5 or more deals within a year, they will refund you whatever you paid them initially. Is that true? I spoke to them few times but they never mentioned this part.





Hi everyone, I'm a newbie and I'm almost done reading the books. I originally bought the books to be an investor (which I full intend on doing) but my wife and I decided to upgrade our living conditions first so I would like to buy a new house. I live in Staten Island, NY , there is a 2-family house that has been for sale for a little over 90 days. It's a great looking house in a very nice neighborhood.The FMV for the house is 588K, it was for sale for 559K and it recently dropped to 539K. The ad says owner wants to hear "all offers" so I assume they need to sell fast. Based on what I read in Dean's book do you suggest I offer 10-40% less than the FMV? Any suggestions?


I am from Brooklyn. From what I know about the market in NYC, I would offer the owner 480 and let him come back with an offer.





Thanks Yuri! I saw that you wanted to get a group of tri-stater's together, let me know what you have in mind.

pending order

I just ordered "Think A Little Different in Real Estate" pack yesterday, 23 march. In your experience, about how long does it take for delivery? 3-5 business days? I'm in Mass. Tracker on the order track in my account hasn't updated yet. Hope to talk to you all soon! Thanks!